2008's Failures - The Bottom 50 Games

What were the worst games of 2008 and which format provided the most amount of stinkers? This gameplayer article will answer both those questions for you.

"Truly the lowest of the low, the very cream of the crap of 2008."

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SlappingOysters3602d ago

Just the names of these games are entertainment enough!!!

Mr PS33602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

But in all Honesty
I have to Disagree with one or two games on that list

The No1 Game should for sure be Fable 2 ( I mean C'mon we all know that Feeble2 is FOTY 2008 )
And No48 "X360 Coffeetime Crosswords" Should be Replaced with Gears 2

theEnemy3602d ago

are topping this chart as well!

kesvalk3602d ago

how can spogs racing been scoring lower than target: terror?

spogs must be very, and i mean VERY bad to score lower than target terror...

and shovelware/licenced game fest!!