An Interview with a 70 Year Old FPS Gamer


"We brought you the story of Akira, a 78-year-old Japanese gamer who was in love with first person shooters. Today we exclusively bring you an interview with Stanley Thompson, a 70-year-old British gamer with a taste for online shooters.

No he's not as old as Akira, but you could say his hobby goes that one step further. He's got a penchant for competing online in video games as recently released as Call of Duty: World at War, and he's even a prominent member of an online clan. We bring you Stanley Thompson."

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Bren863596d ago

perfect age for it. No worrys, just chill, relax, collect pention, play games etc

crematory3596d ago

i think most people over 50 already have secure financial status and , achieve a lot of goals in life sure its a best gaming agetime to relax

techie3596d ago

One day we'll be in rooms with 3d videogames and we'll be happy, oh so happy.

SaiyanFury3596d ago

That is seriously awesome. This isn't the first elderly gamer I've seen. I ran across a guy who was at least 60 at the local Gamestop who loves games like Untold Legends. When I showed him the Champions of Norrath games on PS2 he was elated. I was honoured to meet a gentleman such as him who was into RPGs and the fact that some older people like him can become core gamers playing shooters and RPGs is just awesome.

techie3596d ago

This guys is f*cking rad. COD:WAW on all difficulties!? He even says "LOL". His grandson must be like "My grandad is friggin cool!"

wibble3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

It's obviously unusual that somebody so old is playing FPS games. and yet when we're all that age it's going to be considered very normal.

I just hope I can still see by the time I'm 70. I started staring at monitor screens at a much earlier age than Stanley :)

techie3596d ago

Agreed. I know lots of old people who are still incredibly active...the ones who aren't can play games...and not just Wii games...or WWII games for that matter :)

monkfish3596d ago wibble has stated it will probably be the norm by the time most of us get. Stanley is proof that games need not be viewed as just for the young. Gaming has come on a long way since the days of pacman and frogger and the people that play them have changed greatly too.....

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The story is too old to be commented.