Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox Series X Delivers Possibly the Best Racing Game Ever | Gamerheadquarters

Taking an early look at Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox Series X including the various resolution and performance details for this latest entry in the long running open world racing series.

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ColtPSSX5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I don’t doubt it will be great but I hate it when articles say “ (blank game) is the best (genre) ever” with out being released yet. Like chill man.

SyntheticForm5d ago

"Delivers Possibly the Best Racing Game Ever" isn't the same as declaring it the best racing game ever.

From what this person has gathered thus far, he has concluded that this could be his favorite racing game to date.

That's what you should have gathered.

ColtPSSX5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Idk man. It literally says possibly the best racing game ever. Nothing about his favorite. Thats declaring something is going to be the best.

I’m not saying it’s going to be bad. In matter of fact I think it will be one of the best but to say possibly the best racing game ever, is a pretty bold statement for something that’s not out.

And that goes for any game.

RomanPSX5d ago

Colt is just a sony fan and for this kind of "people" nothing that MS does is good enough, but if in the title it would say Grand Turismo he would be praising the article. Like most of the little horses in this page.

itsmebryan5d ago

Possibly is say "could be " . The title is just saying it has the potential to be " the best racing game ever." To this date. From all the impressions so far. It looks to be a great game.

ColtPSSX5d ago (Edited 5d ago )


I like how you miss the part where I said any game.
I guess because you disagree with a Xbox positive news that means your automatically a Sony fanboy.
So I guess me owning an Xbox and subscribe to game pass and me playing Xbox just as much as the PS5 and me saying I’m excited for other Xbox games in my comment history and me admitting this game will be great, still makes me a Sony fanboy. And let’s not forget my user name is a combination of both Playstion and Series X

yeahokwhatever5d ago

best in what regard? whats best gameplay even mean? "best forza horizon in the series" would be appropriate, given that they're the only games with the same set of features to compare to. (other open-world racers have different features and focuses.

Ninver5d ago

I bet he's never driving with a wheel in GT before with dashboard cam. The epitome of adrenaline and pure racing fun.

4Sh0w5d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Chill Colt, he said *Possibly the Best *Racing Game Ever. Of course the "best ever" phrase is thrown around a lot without much to go on as far track record & current status of the game itself but that certainly isnt the case with FH as a franchise that literally keeps improving, so if ANY game can *Possibly be the best in its genre ever its *Possibly Forza Horizon 5. Only time will tell but I don't understand why the *Possibility upsets you.

kayoss4d ago

He's out of line but he has a point.
He have seen footage of the game and he likes what he sees. But he never even played the game. What if everything he saw were just eye candy with no substance? Just like some movies trailers, they show all the best things in the movie but then when the movie comes out, it is total trash.

SyntheticForm4d ago


But he HAS been playing it - there's video of that.

He doesn't have access to the online as of yet though.

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Good-Smurf5d ago

I don't get the effort though when their games always been amazing and got high scores then why oversell them with cheap tactics like this it really making a lot of sites look like a desperate sellout everytime Microsoft give them access to preview build/review copy of Forza games.
Great games speaks for itself you don't have to force the message or resort to hyperbole.

dumahim5d ago

It's been like this for a decade. MS fluff pieces and making these bold, overblown claims. If this was a one-time claim, fine, whatever, but it's always like this. Best X ever, most X of all time, blah blah blah.

darkrider5d ago

They are tryng to hype the game and getting clicks. It's normal. The best ever title is done so many times...

thesoftware7305d ago


I get it, but the word "Possibly" means he is not stating fact. So nah, he don't have to chill as its his experience with the game so far.

ColtPSSX5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Okay, I bet if the title said
“God of war on the PS5 has possibly delivered the best game ever” you would probably be saying something different lol.

thesoftware7305d ago

Colt, You are correct,

I would say " Nah It might possibly be the best 'Action Adventure game' " " But I prefer RPGs over actions games. so no, its not possibly the best game ever as its not my favorite type of games"

You see the difference, Category matters, If you said "God of War might possibly be the best 'Action Adventure' game ever" you may have an argument, and have many that agree with you.

ColtPSSX5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

But it’s their opinion right?
It’s their own experience. So it don’t matter if you like rpg from your logic, because to them it’s their experience.

Just going off what your saying 🤷🏽‍♂️

SyntheticForm5d ago

I get it; you don't like hyperbole. That part I understand. Puff and fluff are annoying - agreed.

But, the guy says "possibly" the best racing game ever.

He's only speaking for himself here; he's not speaking for you and the entire gamersphere. People need to stop being offended by simple opinions like this.

Why does he need to chill? He's excited. Why not let the dude be excited? Again, he's not declaring in a hands-down, matter-of-fact way that this is the best racing game to everyone; it's simply his opinion.

Why take umbrage? Just let him have that opinion.

thesoftware7304d ago (Edited 4d ago )

No, no no...what you are implying the author of the article said was " Forza will be the best game ever."

Which is a whole different meaning than what he actually said " Forza 'COULD', 'POSSIBLY' be the best 'RACING' game ever.

Those 2 statements have completely different meaning, one is stated as fact about EVERY game, and one is objective to RACING games. You also use my words about opinions and experiences out of context, you really need to understand some basic things bro.

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Magog5d ago

As Far As arcade racers like FH go I still prefer Ridge Racer.

DJStotty5d ago

Burnout revenge, still a great game to this day

darthv725d ago

Dayyyyyyytonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. .... lets go away

Old McGroin5d ago

Was just humming that to myself when I saw your comment 😂 That tune is burned into my psyche from hours spent in arcades back in the day.

Good-Smurf5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Am I going to get disagrees like crazy again?
Last preview piece Orchard was there and I called him out on giving out such hyperbole statement on FH5 will be racing to first place against any other game genre.
The amount of praise Forza and high scores over the years were ridiculous I'm surprised no one called out on it being overrated yet but Gran Turismo did and got roasted daily.

Elit3Nick5d ago

The Horizon series has done a lot to earn that praise over the years, and it's the standard that other open-world racers are being measured by today. Gran Turismo's problems stemmed from its recycled assets during the PS3-era and that GT: Sport wasn't a mainline series game like most of the fanbase wanted. Sport was an excellent game for what it was, but it wasn't a campaign-focused game like GT7 will be, which looks amazing so far.

Good-Smurf5d ago

If you read older reviews of both GT4 and FM which came out in the same year like one from Gamespot you can see clearly that they are easily impressed by what the newcomer do and that trend still continues to this day even though that newcomer has been around for over 15 years.
While Gran Turismo went
through countless microscopes and Forza hasn't even Forza 7 got away by not having any pit stop animations just becuase "it's catered to broader audiences" excuse.
The first Horizon title was greatly received right off the bat too.
And what review people said about Tourist Trophy?
"It just GT4 with bikes" when the only thing in common was tracks and game engine.
Then you wonder why PD didn't bother with a sequel or something similar to Forza Horizon probably just a Gran Turismo out of circuits.
You don't hear such condescending tone coming out of critics when they review anything Forza and it's been consistent as well even though Gran Turismo was always been the one that took more chances with new ideas.
Why bother if you just do the same old stuff over and over keep getting 9s everytime?
GT sport is an e sports focused title got criticized for being what it is but FM7 and FH4 got higher scores because they playing it safe again, if PD did that it with GT Sport it would get roasted by critics saying "GT is getting old and complacent 7 out of 10"
After four Horizons they still not getting tired of the same old somehow.

yeahokwhatever5d ago

sport is STILL an excellent game and getting better. its an unmatched experience for competitive online play in a racing game. its not a perfect game at all, but its very good at what it does.

NeoGamer2325d ago

GT is not an arcade racer. You don't compare reviews of arcade racers with reviews of racing simulations. They are two completely games.

spicelicka5d ago

Sounds like you are super salty that GT isn't getting praise and Forza is. Maybe FH games are great and have gotten praised for a reason, you know consistent 85-90+ rankings and numerous awards and nominations. You want people to call out Forza just because the racing game on your favourite piece of plastic isn't getting praised? Come on dude. Although you're right considering how biased this site is it's surprising there aren't more salty people.

There are plenty of amazing games on all consoles that rightfully get praised.

darthv725d ago

I think you confuse the two Forza games. You talk about GT but yet you compare it to the wrong series. Forza "Motorsport" can be compared to GT... not Forza "Horizon". Even your own comment above makes that mistake. "If you read older reviews of both GT4 and FM which came out in the same year ...."

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Father__Merrin5d ago

Need for speed used to be the goto open world racer but no doubt horizons beats it hands down.

DaniMacYo5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Cool. I can’t wait till Gran Turismo 7 is out. Really wanna play it. I think both Xbox, PC and PlayStation fans are in for a treat.

PhillyDillyDee5d ago

Ive been on the forza train since FMS3 but the adaptive triggers might have me buying GT7 depending on how they are implemented.

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