A Merry Gaming Christmas Guide: OXCGN points you in the right direction

From OXCGN, this timely Christmas buyer's guide:

"With Christmas just around the corner (a fortnight is the measurement for around the corner. A month being down the road) and with the many Australian families given a government bonus to inject straight back into the veins of our dying economy, those ridiculously unaffordable consoles little Billy has been pestering you for may not be so far out of your reach any more. The question however is what makes the right Christmas present?"

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Immortal Kaim3599d ago

I wish there was an Australian tracking system for hardware/software sales like NPD in America...

I think the Wii is going to destroy everything these holidays, followed by 360 then PS3.

gaminoz3599d ago

I guess it will, but it really needs something more than the shovelware it is getting. My Wii is only used when non-gaming friends come over and want to play Wii Sports or when my wife does the Wii fit thing.

Other than that it was a total waste.

gaminoz3599d ago

A Game store manager friend has said that Wii and 360 are moving but not PS3. If that is happening everywhere, that's not good news for Sony, especially when it comes with a game and now has a larger HDD (than my pathetic 40gig version). Time to cut prices or be cut out of the competition?

gaminoz3599d ago

I never pay full RRP for a console or game. Just can't do it...I have to feel like I'm saving something, even if I'm spending a lot :)

That's why I appreciate stores like JB, and why I like trading and buying used. I really hope "download-only" games never fully eventuate, much as it benefits the developers. I wouldn't buy half the games I buy now if it wasn't for being able to sell games and buy them cheaper.

Good advice in that article!

XboxOZ3603599d ago

Don't you just LOVE Christmas . . .not!

gaminoz3599d ago

Scrooge! Bah humbug.

The kids manage to get me back into the spirit eventually, but it can be trying with all the mobs of people at the shops (I just want groceries darn it!). I thought we were in an economic crisis!

Acj23233599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

we are suppose to be in this economic crisis but in fact we are spending a lot as it seems, i went down to the shops to pick up a bargain deal on something and there was a line going out the door, by the time i got server my item was sold out.

i think the Wii will gain some customers but i think there will also be xbox 360 sales that might compete with the wii, im seeing more of my friends pick up 360's as they are over (grown up) the Wii.

Godem3599d ago

I always regret buying all those awesome games that come out in November, because always there is barley anything left to play or get in December :( ahh well.

XboxOZ3603599d ago

I'm afraid that "I'm Over Christmas" .'s nothing like it used to be IMO . . .Still, it's nice to spend time with friends, but the $$ involved these days for presents makes it difficult for many families.

When games get brought into the equasion, it only makes things worse. No, they aren't TOO dear, it's just thatthere's way too MANY of them now to chose from. Game prices have remained relatively static for one and half decades. And in fact, we have cheaper games available to us now that we have ever had with such things as Pre-order specials, trade in deals, cut-price competition. Anyone that pays full RRP these days is silly, and simply lazy.

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