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As many of you may have been aware, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) recently rebranded to eFootball and Konami also changed the business model to make the game free-to-play. On paper this sounds like a great move. With paid DLC coming down the line with Master League and other modes, it seemed to be a winning formula (it still may be) but where it matters on the pitch, the game is a.....

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EvertonFC46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I think your harsh with the review a 6/10 imo.
The faces I couldn't give too sh*ts about cause 99% of players quit those animations anyway.
Agree with the charging down the player but only with the defenders (takes too long to change) a few bugs and glitches need sorting.
Not sure what your on about with the controls as it's the same as any other PES from the past.
I said it months ago it'll be nxt seasons efootball which is the finished more complete football game this seasons game with be ironing everything out and putting in all the extra modes etc.
Free is free and stops me from buying anything EA

FacelessGaming46d ago

Maybe my expectations for this game were too high. I thoroughly enjoyed PES 2022 and I feel the state of this game feels like a few steps back for the series. Although I do agree that with future updates and given time this game will be the game it was meant to be. No Man's Sky comes to mind.

EvertonFC46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Yep it was always a f2p early access game. We all knew the road map of efootball before it came out.
Sort out the connection problems and changing to a differmet defender quicker not when the striker has passed me and I'm good tbh and obviously the custom leagues and tactics etc.
It'll be more like the old PES by Xmas

Father__Merrin46d ago

Cit scene animations are actually pretty good they just need working on a bit more. Game looks crisp and runs great.

My issues was literally batebones game modes and gameplay needs tweaking you can hardly string passes without getting blocked I've quickly got 820gs out of it though

FacelessGaming46d ago

Passing was a huge issue for me, I think I am too used to being able to play nice passes on FIFA but with eFootball there is no zip to the ball. But I have confidence this game will improve over time. I will check back when the October 28th update is out 🙂