Microsoft: Those with NXE can't get away with no avatars

OXM UK reports that Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg says those who have downloaded NXE but not created an avatar are simply exposing a 'loophole' that will close soon.

The natural implication of these comments are those who download NXE, ergo those who have Xbox Live, will eventually be forced into creating an avatar.

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Why o why3598d ago

thats just a pity. Why couldnt they just allow no avatars for those who dont want it. The new layout is better imo so why do this?

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Woof3598d ago

Microsoft forcing you to do stuff again...

sunnygrg3598d ago

Let me get this straight. I donot like to be forced into doing something that I would rather not bother with. Its not like I will be using those avatars during a game of L4D or Gears.

darkequitus3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Read the terms before you buy and console or a piece of software. Then you won't be 'forced' by not buying either.

darkequitus :psn/xbl

Saint Sony3598d ago

But, I assume not all have 10 secs to spare for avatar creation.

JsonHenry3598d ago


Now you are going to "force" me into bothering with it? I don't care if it only takes a couple seconds. I DO NOT WANT IT PERIOD!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3597d ago

Where does it say in the XBOX 360 booklet that you need to create avatars?

BattleAxe3597d ago

Why would it be a "loop hole"? Arron Greenburg is a fat ass idiot. Personally I think the avatars are big time gay.

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Lombax3598d ago

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, this is for you. I hope it helps.

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The story is too old to be commented.