Microsoft halts Resident Evil 5 co-op Demo outside of Japan

In a disappointing move, Microsoft has decided to disable the online co-op features of the Resident Evil 5 demo to those of us that aren't living in Japan.

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Why o why3597d ago

yes it seems they did pay for the rights to release a demo early or they would of released it elsewhere. Smart move to get the asian crowd though. Lets see if that helps.

darkdoom30003597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

well, it was intended for jpn, so im not really suprised. tho i never knew you could download other regions stuff on the x360..

is this demo comming out for Ps3??

AAACE53597d ago

But I believe most people just want to try out the game itself! The multi aspect of it would have been a great bonus, but seeing how the game looks and plays is more important in my opinion.

rogimusprime3597d ago

people outside of Japan aren't playing the demo online. I think they are going to drop the banhammer again.

Anyway, for the rest of US this sucks. I thought only Sony snubbed western gamers, I guess M$ is vying for all of sony's crowns.

Bigbangbing3597d ago

WoW Micro .. just WoW ...

3597d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.