Battlefield 2042 BF3 Classes for Portal Leak; Event Log to Be Centered

Check out Battlefield 2042 BF3 classes gameplay via Battlefield Portal! Event log will be centered in final version of the game per DICE.

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aaronaton14d ago

I had this glitch on the PS5 momentarily, but i didn't select anything... and i wish i did!
I can't wait to use the G3, i've been using that alot in Bad Company 2 recently and i like how there are no attachments.

PhillyDillyDee14d ago

So one of the most exciting parts about BF2042 is that you can pretend you’re playing older, better BFs… Is this supposed to be a parody of itself? I cant’t tell anymore.

14d ago
SixFrvgz14d ago

So the classes are in Portal... okay and? That doesn't fix the problem with the base game. It should not be our duty to say "well okay, I'm going to buy 2042 because of Portal so that I can make the game I want" - it is on DICE to do that.

EA/DICE will always choose monetization (which is what the specialist system is built around) over what is true to Battlefield. It even blows my mind that there are some people excited about 2042 just because of Portal. Come on, this is EA/DICE... are you that naive to believe that Portal will be as simple and glorious as they say? I can almost guarantee that there is some bullshit and gimmicks in Portal that is being kept under wraps.

If Portal is their so called "love letter" to Battlefield fans, then maybe they should have just released a game called Battlefield Portal as opposed to a half assed Battlefield 2042. Ridiculous how people are excited to pay full price for this flea market ass Battlefield game because of Portal, one mode.

This game will fail upon launch. As a loyal Battlefield fan who has bought every BF game on launch day since BFBC2 (BFV excluded), I would not be upset if this franchise crashes and burns because of the incompetent and inept EA/DICE.