Change Your Face: New WoW Feature

After four years, Blizzard have introduced a paid character customization service to World of Warcraft.

In addition to the free changeable hairstyles that were added to the game in October, players can now change their character's gender, face and skin colour for a fee of $15.

However, this is currently only available in the US, Europe and other zones are yet to see this feature become available.

So, regret making your Blood Elf Rogue a male? You could be playing a sassy little female Elf sliping in and out of the shadows in no time...

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Dorjan3602d ago

It's something that SwG had done well ages ago, I mean you could be a hairdress for a job! :lol:

Leord3602d ago

Yeah, that's cool, and they added hairdressers in the game in WotLK, but I think this is more of a facelift =)

Don't tell me they had cosmetic surgery? ;)

Leord3602d ago

Man, I was SO pissed when I realized I had the wrong face on my Troll priest a few months down the line, and been annoyed ever since, I think I'll start healing again!

Terrice3602d ago

You and a few others, I'm sure. :)

kalos3602d ago

I prefer a troll Shadow Priest myself :)

thetamer3602d ago

No way!!! It's about time in fairness, we've been waiting for this for a while.

Leord3602d ago

Yeh, since Day 2 basically, when people realized their lvl 20 toon had the wrong piercings =P

martynmj3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Its a shame you can't change race :( how ever quite a cool feature. im considering changing to a female gnome wewt!

Rovdjuret3602d ago

With pink Pompom hair? :P

martynmj3602d ago

Ofc!! What other sort of hair would you give a female gnome!?11!? ^.^

Maticus3602d ago

Yeah I'm disappointed about the lack of race change too, but I can see why they haven't done that. Characters have different racial abilities, it would change your abilities.

Medievaldragon3602d ago

This will be very welcomed by many fans who aren't satisfied with their characters. Some people may have rushed creating a character back on 2004 and 2006 to test a class. Then as they liked the class decided to stick with it as a main character, but don't like their skin color, or they chose a female character and wish a male model instead.

Leord3602d ago

Indeed so, especially if you made a human male priest, which looks so silly in a dress. Casters kind of need to be female to be good/cool looking..

Rovdjuret3602d ago

Skin Colour Thats racism :P but thats true
still not a solution for my Undead warrior =(
i will allways look like a cripple kid male or female

kalos3602d ago

I agree; woman models ingame make for better casters. Looks silly having a muscled male mage; kind of makes you wonder if it could take up a sword and fight as a Battlemage like the Scarlet Crusade have.

Maticus3602d ago

This is what happened to me; I play lots of characters, and many I just rolled to try out a class and ended up sticking with it. The look of my characters is really important to me, so this new feature is brilliant, I'm looking forward to it so much!

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The story is too old to be commented.