Halo Infinite Season Pass Leaked, More Than Half of Free Levels Have No Rewards

The Halo Infinite Season Pass and its various rewards have been leaked, and it appears that more than half for the free tier offer no rewards.

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Jin_Sakai56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

So the same as Apex Legends or most other F2P games?

DreadHealer55d ago

Not really.

Normally you get rewards for f2p but premium rewards for paying.
This is really stingy and manipulative.

Jin_Sakai55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

“This is really stingy and manipulative.“

The multiplayer is completely free and you’re calling them stingy and manipulative?

4Sh0w55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Its FREE, you dont need any of those rewards to enjoy hundreds of hrs of multiplayer.

Heaadline Fixed:
"Halo Infinite Season Pass Leaked, Almost Half of Free Levels Have Rewards, Which Is Nice for a Free Multiplayer Game."

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Notellin55d ago

I'm going to give them zero dollars and play a game for free that I would normally pay $60 to play.

I'll just let the whales waste their money, and not worry about something that isn't impacting me.

DJStotty55d ago


"Normally you get rewards for f2p but premium rewards for paying."

Just under half the levels have rewards, re-read the article, what do you expect? something for every level?

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annoyedgamer55d ago

F2P $$$ are the future of MP shooters sadly.

BrainSyphoned55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

When comparing to an EA game is your go to defense.....

With my gatcha game is it half and half as well, but again I'm now comparing it to Chinese gatcha game.

KyRo55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Literally. Nearly every game with a battle pass has two tiers, free and premium. The free one you tend to get rewards every few levels, the premium you get something every level. I haven't been a fan of Halo or xbox since the 360 days but this is trying to shit on a game that follows what others do all the time lol

jambola55d ago

you can download the multiplayer separately and play it free? without the main game?

Witchcraft54d ago

Yes, that's the point. The game is 100% free gameplay-wise, with cosmetic paid content only.

CaptainHenry91654d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Microtransactions and GAAS incoming. If the campaign ends up awful, this will look bad for Microsoft, unfortunately.

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darkrider55d ago

Free to play... That's one the of problems. Anyone that plays them knows this. Microsoft thinks it will make much more money like this.

Jin_Sakai55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Being F2P means a much larger player base. That’s why games such as Apex Legends become so popular and continue to thrive.

Halo Infinite MP will be bigger than ever thanks to being free and the battle pass is just cosmetic items.

execution1755d ago

F2P also means more cheaters since they can just make new accounts whenever they get banned

4Sh0w55d ago

You play under your costs money to change your Gamertag.

darkrider55d ago

Please don't compare halo to apex legends. It's sad reading stuff like that. Are you sure. A game like halo was on its one league in the past. Didn't need to be free to play. Was an instant buy.... But times change and Microsoft is doing everything it can to...

4Sh0w55d ago

darkrider no need for a history lesson on Halo's past success but this isn't 2001, no its 20yrs later, the gaming landscape is completely different and Microsoft is smart enough to evolve so there's nothing sad about comparing F2P multiplayer vs another F2P multiplayer in context that all the other F2P games monetize at least some content, yeah we all know Halo is much bigger but thats the F2P model idea= grabbing a larger audience day 1 & hoping at the same time to recoup costs through paid content. At least here this is the more preferred type of F2P where the paid content is cosmetic & therefore does not offer any competitive advantage. Valid criticism is good but it just seems like some are just reaching for any excuse to piss on Halo Infinite, especially after the multiplayer flights turned out great.

Mustakrakish55d ago

The MP may be free but for the campaign players, we’re paying full price for half a game…

4Sh0w55d ago

How so? Do you also say that for SP games? Its simple if you care about Halo story, its history, its lore then you dont mind paying for the game like ANY OTHER GAME you want to play. If you're just some casual shooter fan who wants to get mixed up in the Halo multiplayer mayhem, LUCKY YOU, you get the multiplayer FREE(with Gamepass sub). I see no reason to complain either way, even if pay for the campaign you still getting the whole game, they just letting more folks join in on the fun.

EvertonFC55d ago

What about the 100s that fail it's only 2 or 3 that hit the big time the rest fail miserably.

Christopher55d ago

***You play under your costs money to change your Gamertag. ***

New email accounts are free and you can make a ton of them.

KillBill55d ago

@Mustakrakish - so your idea that people are paying full price for campaign but missing half the game because multiplayer is free... then you are saying all Sony single player campaigns are ripping us off? Spider-Man, God of War, TLOU2? Your premise doesn't pass scrutiny.

FanboysKiller55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

The same thing was said for RL , it started with the mumbo jumbo cosmetic stuff that won't affect gameplay and when you dig deeper down the line it suddenly become personal with the people who wanna spend their money cause they can do whatever they want with their wallet, not because they changed the subject.

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NeoGamer23255d ago

Honestly this is the trend with multi-player shooters out there. The big ones all seem to have a F2P component to them. Halo is not leading the pack in this regard, they are following.

TheDoomedGuy54d ago

Yeah but to be fair Im hearing the multiplayer beta flight thingy was really good for most people.

Notellin55d ago

Who cares if Microsoft *thinks* it will make more money? This is more about getting a large player base as the F2P sector has exploded and taken tons of fps market share.

Don't buy cosmetics and play for free. Sounds horrendous.

Orbilator55d ago

Well apart from your gamepass subscription, so nothing is ever free m8 :)

-Hermit-55d ago


You don't need Game Pass to play Halo Infinite Multiplayer.

Nakiro55d ago

It's a Free to Play game, I really don't see an issue as long as the rewards are cosmetic.

annoyedgamer55d ago

Its not supposed to he F2P thats the problem.

Nakiro55d ago

That's a different discussion altogether.
I think there is a sinister line of thought in all of this.

There is a good chance that the dedicated Halo and Xbox gamers already have Game Pass, so if they release the game at $60 without microtransactions they are potentially losing out on a lot of revenue. If they make the game free to play with a microtransaction model in place, they get money from both Game Pass users and regular players.

Game Pass launched in 2017 so we are just now starting to see the games that have been developed with that in mind from the start.

LoveSpuds55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


Exactly that, MS want their cake and to eat it. They know that they ain't making any money off Halo sales because the core audience already have Gamepass and that's the only reason they have made the multilayer free to play.

Unlike most, I don't consider games I play on Gamepass as 'free' I paid for this entertainment. As a result, I feel annoyed that Halo MP is going free to play because now, if I want the fullest experience, I have to pay more on top.

Too many in the Xbox community are giving MS a free pass when it comes to Gamepass in my opinion, they act as if its a free service, it isn't! And as predicted, the only way MS can make real money will be through methods such as this or by filling games with microreansactions and other free to play nonsense.

When it comes to the free to play model, the clue is in the words! Fortnight, Apex and all the rest ARE FREE TO PLAY!!!

Notellin55d ago

If you didn't make it you don't get to decide what it's "supposed to be".

chiefJohn11755d ago (Edited 55d ago )

It's called Halo INFINITE for a reason. If they want the player base to last thru its entire longevity F2P MP is the way to go.

Lovespud please stop talking about things you're clueless about.

Nakiro55d ago

It's right there in the title, how did we all miss that?
That seems a bit naive.

It might be true, they might want you to pay them for the cosmetics and the battle pass every 3 months and then just put out single player content they can also charge a full price for and do less work, best of both worlds.

That doesn't sound all that great for the players though.

wiz719155d ago

The problem with gamers is that tend to forget it’s ppl out here that has a budget , Microsoft this generation is trying to be as accessible as they can be.

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gerbintosh55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Cosmetic rewards are the problem. If no one cared about cosmetics then we would all have awesome cars with shitty exteriors. Now, cosmetics that could have been earned for free will now cost money and people will pay. Have to look good while tea bagging other people.

Smok9155d ago

So you don’t need gamepass or anything to play it?

Nakiro55d ago

I think you may only need to have Xbox Gold to play the MP portion of the game. SP and co-op are full price or included with a Game Pass subscription.

ChubbyBlade54d ago

They could at least give you something. Minor things like banners or small xp boosts. It’s not like the battlepass expires anyway and given the current gaming climate, gamers will want to finish it ASAP.

If the free one offers little to no reward, they may be incentivized to pay, but I doubt it. They gotta get that drip feed of rewards to want more.

But it’s free and IMO it really shouldn’t be. It should be one contained package within infinite. Now the campaign is $60 on its own and that is the worst price halo has ever been considering it’s just the campaign.

It’s a bit dumb.

LoveSpuds54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

It's not free for most of their userbase, like me, you probably pay for Gamepass etc. Why should we pay more for the 'full fat' experience.

This is exactly the problem with the Gamepass model, MS loading their exclusive games with free to play mechanics and microtransactions when their most loyal consumers have already paid them cash once.

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Profchaos55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Why does halo mp need progression and rewards. Game was always at its best when everyone went into a match with the same weapons. I can see lots of attachments in the article for paid users so there will be a divide

I seriously think progression is the barrier between experienced players and occasional players.

When a game like cod launches the hardcore players run through the ranks in the first week leaving the players that only play for a hour or two a week struggling to get kills with their pee shooters while getting gunned down by all sorts of high level weapons.

ElCapitan00655d ago

It's all cosmetics my guy. There won't be any unfair advantage except when it comes to looking cool.

Profchaos55d ago

I'm cool with cosmetics but I'm weary of the attachments providing a advantage

JEECE55d ago

Unfortunately, largely because of COD in the late 2000s, people look at progression systems and grinding as a feature of games, rather than a negative. I have plenty of friends now (I'm sure we all do on here) who wouldn't even play a multiplayer game unless they are "working towards" something. The idea of playing a multiplayer game because it's fun has largely been lost.

Profchaos55d ago

Yeah Id agree most of my early multiplayer experiences were from games like quake 3 and unreal tournament even console shooters had great couch deathmatches eventually. These had no progression or unlocks and are still my favourite experiences.

I get that it taps into a psychological element to have something that others don't or have a sense of accomplishment but it's just not fun especially if you do it every dammn year.

Ashby_JC55d ago

I do have adult friends who after every match of Apex Legends are checking the daily unlocks or whatever they are called. I am dude can we get into the next match please!!!

Christopher55d ago

Progression keeps people playing.

chiefJohn11755d ago

It's all cosmetic, you're worried about nothing lol

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