Why You Should Not Miss Out On The Award Winning Ori Games

The Award Winning Ori games Blind Forest and Will of the Wisps are now available to buy as Ori The Collection and are great games at great price.

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Petebloodyonion46d ago

The simple answer to the question
Because they are both great games?

TheRealTedCruz46d ago

Tried them on Gamepass.
I'll be the outlier and admit they didn't really do it for me. Not sure why.

Might give them another go down the road.

Fist4achin46d ago

Definitely worth playing through.

Cernunnos46d ago

The 2nd one is an absolute masterpiece of a game

leahcim46d ago

Ori on Playstation would be my dream come true.
I love this saga both of them are Masterpieces

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