Forza Horizon 5 leans into realism, and is more drivable as a result

A test drive with Xbox’s racer offers much more than just postcard scenes and car cheesecake

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dumahim14d ago

" if you can see it, you can drive to it"
That's just blatantly false, as it usually is when developers make this claim. It isn't an island, there's a border at the top and bottom of the map that you can see and not be able to drive to.

" will load from the Xbox Series X’s solid-state drive also gave the developers a lot more freedom, creative director Mike Brown said. The game’s traditional race-to-the-festival opening now comprises four vehicles sampling four different courses"
Which is also on Xbox One. Besides, it doesn't sound all that different from previous intros to the Horizon games. 4's intro ran through all the seasons and different vehicles.

" I recommend the game’s simulation steering option (as opposed to the standard, light assist, or heavy assist settings), with traction control on and stability control turned off, even for more casual drivers."
That's horrible advice, especially for people using a controller.

"means that little mistakes can spiral into fishtailing overcorrections rather quickly."
Yep. This is why it won't be suitable for a lot of people.

“The other things that we’ve done in this title, which are almost a little counterintuitive, is that we’ve made some huge investments into the physical performance of our suspension and braking,”
How the F is making suspension and braking counterintuitive?

Oeazy30514d ago

Why u so mad lol. All that writing

dumahim14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I didn't write much at all. It's mostly copy/pasting quotes.

edit: Beyond tired of the BS fluff pieces that come out for MS games where they talk nonsense, like it being counterintuitive to improve their suspension and braking. Horizon has always been a good game, no need to talk nonsense.

4Sh0w13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Of course you'd take the most extremely literal interpretation of someting like if you can see it you can drive it. Next you'll be looking for a rock out place or telling us how theres no way you can drive that far in Lamborghini off 1 tank of gas= "see I told ya its not realistic!"

Bro the game looks hella good, from the driving, to the cars, to the environments & all the content packed in this game. Which is why pretty much every preview suggests its gonna be either like what Playground is doing at this point or you dont, you dont even have any well thought out constructive criticism, so why not just move on to whatever it is you do like.

Krog01114d ago

You can tell the guy came to complain before reading and just looked for anything to spin negatively. Of course he was the first comment too, despite clearly not being interested in the game...

Germaximus14d ago

Well said. And of course you can see the sheep in the votes. lol

Good-Smurf14d ago

What lean into realism Polygon were talking about?
They literally dropped a million dollar hyper car out of the back of moving plane and expect you to drive into the countryside with it like nothing happened that's only a level below Dom leaping from car to car for Letty and landed completely scratch free.
No car enthusiat would do that to their cars let alone a limited production hyper car.
It just a very polished pretty arcade open world racer end of story you don't have to oversell it will get very high scores regardless.

dumahim14d ago

I think that's in regards to the improved steering, suspension and braking in the game. It did give me a bit of a chuckle talking about the Horizon festival being a car culture festival gather to lavish their rides with attention and not trash them. Uhhh.

4Sh0w13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

All the "realism" talk is mute because:

"Leans into realism" does not mean its now 100% realistic as no videogame sim or not is 100% realistic. "Leans" simply means that some aspects of the game design was changed to make it MORE REALISTIC THAN ITS PREDECESSOR, thus making cars a tad more drivable (subjective/depending on your preference) the article states.

Its not even that hard to understand, any sequel can be made more or less realistic because of game design or mechanics while still doing many things that are totally unrealistic. Clearly FH brand with Super Cars traveling off road & all sorts of crazy events/modes etc IS NOT aiming for total realism so your point makes no sense.

Magog14d ago

It's not realistic at all, come on. It's an arcade racer which is what it is meant to be. The cars skate over the tarmac like it is ice but grip like velcro before you can lose control.

badz14914d ago

realism? what realism? like hypercars driving at top speed on any surface? like how you can drive through walls and trees without losing speed? the list of cartoon physics in the game goes on...

why even try overselling the game for what it isn't? it's a good-looking, fun arcade racer, just leave it at THAT!

Aussiesummer14d ago

Microsoft just don't learn do they, this embarrassing shit.

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