Alan Wake Remastered: Can the 360 classic cut it on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles?

Digital Foundry : Pick up a flashlight, grab a thermos and get your typewriters ready because it's time to return to Bright Falls - with Alan Wake at last making a jump from Xbox 360 to other consoles, the first time it's done so since its first release in 2010. Now remastered on PC, alongside PlayStation and Xbox consoles old and new, the recent release comes courtesy of D3T Studios in collaboration with original developer Remedy Entertainment. Alan Wake was a visually impressive game for its time for sure, but this remaster certainly does plenty in refreshing the title for the modern hardware specs.

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darthv7253d ago

I have the 360 version on my Series S, but when it comes to the remaster... I got it on PS5.

SyntheticForm53d ago

I'm about to double platinum the game because I enjoy it so much. Completed the PS5 version and now halfway through the PS4 version. I'm playing the PS4 version on PS5.

I only do this when I really adore a game.

enkiduxiv53d ago

That’s truly insane. I applaud you sir.

Tech553d ago

Played this on 360 and already own this on steam. Glad to hear gamers are enjoying the game. I may take a look into the remaster whenever down the line.
It's definitely a great game.

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jBlakeeper53d ago

It feels very clunky to control both the flashlight and the gun at the same time. That and the camera are my only complaint.

Germaximus53d ago

what's even the point of this? it's just a port

Eonjay52d ago

There is a HUGE improvement to resolution, framerate and textures.

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