PlayStation has seemingly appointed Apple Arcade’s former content boss to lead its mobile push

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has seemingly hired former Apple Arcade content boss Nicola Sebastiani to lead the company’s new mobile push.

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1Victor49d ago

Good catch now let wait and see how it grows

Knightofelemia49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Too bad Sony pulled their cellphone division out of North America and are focusing in other regions I use to love their cellphones. We shall see how this pans out for Sony in the long run.

ABizzel148d ago

The Phone market is a losing battle for anyone not named iPhone or Galaxy in the US for flagships. Pixel and OnePlus have a niche following here.

The only opening for a 3rd party to make impacts was the budget device, but now Samsung is dominating that with their A series.

If Sony wants to make waves in "mobile" their best bet is a PlayStation tablet. Flagship Android / Linux tablets don't really exists at mobile retailers, and that's a niche that PlayStation could dominated

rayford1548d ago

I love the idea of a PlayStation tablet however, I can play my PS5 on my iPad. What would the PS Tablet exclusively do??

ABizzel148d ago


I get that, and I will say I don't think a PStab would be a huge seller even on mobile carriers, having 5G, and being able to be purchased on installments (I'd say it'll sell anywhere from 20m - 40m). It'll be more of a companion device (like Steam Deck) than a main gaming platform at this point (in comparison to something like Switch/Switch 2).

But as far as what it need to do "exclusively" I don't think it really needs to do much beyond natively supporting PS games. Mobile tech is about to enter "desktop" territory with the steam deck is a prime example of that. It uses the same basic hardware instructions and components the PS5, SX, and SS use just half the CPU cores and significantly less GPU cores, so an upgrade 5nm PSTab with 12 GPU cores would basically be a 1440p OLED tab, that plays 1080p PS4 quality games but can also play some 720p PS5 games or stream all PS5 games at 1440p.

But to make it a better overall experience and elevate it above what other tablets can currently do, I'd say have built in companion hardware and software that allows it to talk to the PS5 directly and function as a second screen/controller in-game like the Wii-U and PSP did. Not to mention some cool VR things can be done with this.

Smaller things

*5G support and an improved Remote Play link to let you have direct access to your PS5 at all times.
*Possible built in controls / Instant Dual-Sense connectivity.
*Better overall price / value in comparison to iPads, and micro SD card support for game library
*Potential to be added to a phone plan for easier purchase options, in comparison to a Switch 2
*Better GPU performance than Steam Deck / iPads with 5nm (up to 12 GPU cores)
*If built on Linux / Android (significantly better emulation capability...a huge selling point of Steam Deck)