Marvel's Avengers characters we want to see in-game

Marvel's Avengers has yet to wow us with its line-up of playable characters. Here are some of the heroes we want to see next.

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Double_O_Revan7d ago

How about they just finish Spider-Man. You know, that character they promised we'll over a year ago? Maybe then we can talk about other characters.

ripper_roo6d ago

Spidey is due by the end of this year, the devs have said.

Not sure whether he'll have his own mini-campaign like KB, Hawkeye, and Black Panther, but we can always hope.

Darkborn6d ago

They said he's supposed to have a story more akin to Hawkeye and Kate bishop, and it won't be as large as black Panther. They also said it's gonna be more of a side story so it doesn't mess up the pc and Xbox versions.

Half13yte6d ago

As someone who bought this knowing there would be a Spider-Man update, I'm glad the whole thing hasn't been shutdown yet. I can't imagine it has been anywhere near as successful as they were expecting it to be.

Darkborn6d ago

I really just want spider to release this year, then I think they need big heroes like ghost rider and captain marvel to come out pretty soon to keep. People interested along with more high level content and bosses.