MonsterVine - The Next Zelda: What We Know So Far

MonsterVine writes "We already know that a new Zelda is in development, and for what few truths we do know about it, there's an infinite amount of false information, rumors, and speculation.

Enter earthbounding. Over the course of several months, s/he has pieced together what we know to be true or could possibly be true based on what few clues there are from the Nintendo team–what you are about to see could very well be what the next Zelda (which I will refer to as "New Zelda") could be like."

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Smacktard3600d ago

I have a feeling it's gonna be all hype, no delivery, a la Twilight Princess

Nathan Drake3600d ago

But remember;TP was a Gamecube game first and a Wii game second,so the upcoming Zelda game might do a complete 180 in terms of gameplay and visuals

Wenis3600d ago

I wonder what art direction they went this time with the game. Hope its more colorful than TP

OlvaR3600d ago

what was wrong with TP? i find it awesome

Tewi-Inaba3600d ago

TP was awesome.
I hope they make a new Cellshaded Zelda like Wind Waker.
or atleast Use Toon Links model in Brawl for a realistic toon-ish world

LeGenDx3600d ago

and my money is urs nintendo

GVON3600d ago

yep,I mean I can't wait for all the ps3 games next year,but at the end of the day give me a proper Nintendo game and I'll take it over anything.

qface643600d ago

im sure you were too busy getting people's bank account details and sort code to even play TP lol

LeGenDx3600d ago

i dont have a wii right now, but im a big zelda fan. like really big zelda fan, i probably played them all an loved them all. so yeah ill get a wii if zelda comes out :)

LethalToxins3600d ago

Yeah, what's wrong with TP? I liked it. Some parts of the story weren't the greatest, but it still satisfied. But then again, I played the GC version. Might that have been better?

Oh well, I'll still look forward to this game. You can always count on Zelda.

I think a game focussed on Shiek would be awesome. I remember playing OoT and thinking, "Feck Link, I wanna play as Shiek!"

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