Saints Row: Exclusive First Look At The World of Santo Ileso

Gameinformer : The Saints Row reboot is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated games releasing in the early months of 2022, and as part of our month of exclusive coverage, we’re showing off the first look of the world of Santo Ileso. Yep, that means never-before-seen gameplay! This surreal spin on the American Southwest is home to rustic desert neighborhoods, bustling city streets, and neon-lit alleyways – its vibrant locations are explorable by car, motorcycle, wingsuit, and more.
Please note that this Saints Row gameplay is pre-alpha footage supplied by Deep Silver and represents a game still in development.

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PeaSFor99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

Dull, boring and generic at best. I wont even talk about the typical kotaku employees they used as characters.

This will flop HARD.

gamer780499d ago

Lol I went with Starbucks employees but kotaku employees works just as well :)

brewin99d ago

You really think saints row is dull and boring? What do you find fun if you find those games dull and boring? Not trolling I'm seriously wondering because I find these games to be crazy good fun!

99d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

When I saw this comment I thought it was a proper gameplay breakdown. It's just a 2 minute video with some brief car gameplay and that shows off the city's graphics.

We didn't even get to see anymore of the characters. I said that I'm wasn't liking the characters so far when I saw the initial trailer but there's nothing to judge here (no dialogue).

It's sad when people get tribal and root for things to fail. Lighten up a bit, lads. Jesus.

Lightning7799d ago (Edited 99d ago )

This is the number one reason devs hate interacting with "fans" these days and wonder why AAA games are just rinse and repeat and why some of our favorite games aren't returning. They can't distinguish between positive criticism and downright hate anymore. The first comment is a prime example. Some of y'all desperately need to find a new hobby. Passing judgment on a game we've Rarely seen and never played. There's ppl put there who've been waiting for a Saints Row it's sucks they have to fight off hateful trolls who want this game to fail.

We need to start doing better in this toxic ass community... Maybe then we'll have our favorite franchises finally returning and devs taking bigger risks in AAA games.

LordoftheCritics99d ago

Yea I dont know why ppl are getting so mad at this new GTA online map.

99d ago
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slowgamer99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

I don't know. Doesn't look too horrid, except that blurriness in the distance so hopefully you can turn that off. I wish there was a bit of shooting in this video too.

RaidenBlack99d ago

Basically, R* is rehashing old GTAs for the time being ... so this is here to kinda satiate the appetite for an open world (non-Ubisoft-rehash) game.
To fill that void.
Controversies aside, at least its something new and not a remake or a pointless remaster.

aaronaton99d ago

Zoomer's Row - Coming to a Vegan cafe near you in 2022.

Kaozz197999d ago

It'll be 15$ a month or two after release. Anything that has Deep Silver on it is not worth buying day 1.

brewin99d ago

$15 in a month or two? You know that's exaggerating a bit there. That's clearance prices. Maybe 40 or even 30 depending on sales. You act like a game having a sale is a bad thing. Best selling games go on sale to keep in the spotlight. Basic economics.

Kaozz197996d ago

I never said a sale is a bad thing. All I was stating is, that Deep Silver games drop prices pretty quick. 6 months after release the game will be on sale for 15-20$. The reason is that Deep Silver just cant bring out games that hold their value, or interest of gamers for that long. It is what it is

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