Impressions from the Battlefield 2042 Beta - GotGame

The Battlefield 2042 beta has come and gone. Here’s GotGame’s impressions for the beta.

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Junghova219d ago

I played for an hour and uninstalled. I have owned every battlefield up to now and I was very disappointed in the beta. It was boring and I didnt find it particularly engaging. I am not a fan of battle royal games whis is what this felt like.

BadboyCivic219d ago

The game was a complete mess. I cant believe i am going to say this but BF5 is a better game than 2042. I think Dice and EA spent 3 years brainstorming how to sell more skins and started working on the actual game 6 months ago. The Teal green color, bad UI , dumb bots, terrible knife takedowns, punching down the fences felt weird, SPECIALIST, no teamwork, BUGS, bad vehicle controls, Bad maps designs, bad frame rate, copy and paste looking buildings/structures, Terrible sound design and FX, removal of class system. The list goes on and on. The gunplay and movement was good, tornado was good but it overall didn't feel like battlefield and that is a problem.

gamer9219d ago

True, but i feel a portion of that list will be fixed at launch, and the remainder fixed the first few months post launch. It's been way too long since BF4, i just need another modern BF, bug-fix period isn't ideal but i'll take it. I had fun playing with friends in the beta

JEECE219d ago

Lol it's been really amusing seeing so many people who purport to be battlefield fans complain about teal color used in the UI, etc, unknowingly outing themselves as never having played BF3 or BF4. Same thing with all the complaints about how teammates and enemies are designated by orange or blue indicators above their heads.

gamer9219d ago

A lot of quality of life things missing, an incomplete game, and I had a blast. The graphics are truly next gen, once they get everything fixed up. Ready to play more ASAP. Classes or Specialists, good with either but they need to show what your whole squad has selected so you know where to fill in the gaps for equipment. Nov 19th can't come soon enough

JEECE219d ago

It would be really nice if they would just switch back to classes or even make the different loadout kits more binding on what you can and can't equip.

somethingcool87219d ago

Felt like a pre-alpha rather than a beta, and if it is a late September build as the Tom Henderson's leak suggests, I don't see this game launching in November. Not without major bugs and netcode issues anyways.

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