IGN: Xbox Live Continues to Grow

Interview with Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, who talks figures, PlayStation Home, and more.

Microsoft has released its latest round of figures touting the continued growth of Xbox Live and its large staple of downloads. With more than 14 million active members, a 66% annual increase in the number of unique visitors to Xbox Live each day, and the recent release of the New Xbox Experience, the company perhaps has good reason to be pleased with its direction....

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shadow-sentinel3600d ago

"My impression of Home is that it seems to be Second Life for hardcore gamers. It's a virtual world and I think there was some excitement around that when it was announced a couple of years ago."



..?? -.-a

Really? Oh never mind! Its only Aaron Greenberg. :D

caladbolg7773600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I think Greenberg makes some good points. Really, what he's trying to say is, "We looked into copying Home, but we really don't have the developing power to accomplish something of that scale. So we said to ourselves, "Darn, maybe it's back to the drawing board to come up with our own original designs." Fortunately for us, not long after, Nintendo released the Wii with its ridiculously cute Miis! Who needs original design when the work has already been done for you?"

Saint Sony3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

...BUT we all know Home was first started with PS2 under name "HUB". It never made it before PS3 came out so Sony decided to start developing it for PS3. Therefore "YEARS".

Simon_Brezhnev3600d ago

lol everybody trying to bash home and every other sony product

candystop3600d ago

Yeah kind of like everybody's bashing 360 or something MS on N4G daily.

TheSadTruth3600d ago

It's a huge conspiracy - the entire gaming media is in on it! They all want to smear Sony because Microsoft pays them!

The only non-biased site on the planet is!

psycho3603600d ago

LOL, agreed. Surprising all 98 supporters of PS3 are on this site. rest of the world doesn't care about it.

Why o why3600d ago

no respect

eff him. Makes it even more satisfying when it does well an adds a new level to psn.

MS motto 'If you can beat it or buy it.....Diss it'

InMyOpinion3600d ago

And what if it drastically loses popularity after the initial reception? What will you say then?

Why o why3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

these things get better over time. More people use it the better it will be kinda like any social networking/gaming application. Its the users that make it what it will or wont be like any other service of its ilk. There is nothing wrong with what i said. MS's way is to never give credit where its due. If they had designed or released home im sure you guys would understand what i meant. Luckily for ALL of us its a free service/application that you dont have to use, it gives us free games to play and something a little different. Its not like sony just upped or psn fees to give us more. If the USERS dont like it then they wont use it. Its simple. Will it get better over time? probably so why all the angst?

I tell u whats peculiar. It was how us sony guys were ridiculed for playing with dolls in a home dollhouse yet i see the same HARD2daCORE guys putting manbags on their avatars, hand on hip. *sigh*

@ jenzo

"What will you say then?" .. Its a free and upgradable user led experience. The more i put in the more i will get out of it. Conversely, what if its really good? My point is it doesnt change the fact that mr greenberg thought it would be best to downplay something his company doesn't have or something that he hasn't experienced personally. Let sony do sony mr g.

DarkSniper3600d ago

Why O Why, very good and informative post. Aaron Greenburg is nothing more than an undercover Sony Sniper who wishes his employment services could be used at Sony Computer Entertainment. Fortunately the Human Resources department does not employ dolts who have no idea on how to market a product.


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THC CELL3600d ago

yes this guy and like all xbox freaks are scared of sony

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3600d ago

way to ask a microsoft exec about a psn product. And it was *bleep*berg at that. I'm in Home beta and it rocks. The only reason a new xbox experience is needed is cuz the old one is boring.

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