Microsoft Dropping the Ball on 2009 Exclusives

GAmeplayer writes: Alright, let's kick off this shindig with the obligatory fan boy disclaimer (that is effectively useless and will be disregarded quicker than disabled parking spots at a Hells Angel's car park party) - we dig the Xbox 360, we're not showing favouritism to anybody with this article.

Truth be told, our 360 sits proudly in the entertainment unit at home in an uneasy trilateral truce between itself, our PS3, and the Wii. And despite the odd unexplained occurrence – like the time we found the Wii pushed onto the floor with a DS stylus rammed up its rear power port (the 360 and the PS3 were turned innocently away from the horrific scene) – everybody seems to get along just fine. That said, we've got some issues with the 360 – namely, it's 2009 line-up (or lack thereof).

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PoSTedUP3599d ago

yea that sucks, i was gunna buy an xbox too, lol, **** that! i will sacrifice geow2 for uncharted2 any day.

Danja3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

we really dont know what M$ has planned for 2009 other than the obvious...

Sony has a huge line up , so M$ really has there work cut out for them

Saint Sony3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Don't worry there will be great lineup for 2009. Don't you guys remember the end of 2007... "2008 = PS3 year, 360 has nothing"..or "just wait for the 2008".

Well, 360 owners don't need to wait anything. They have the games to play and more to come in 2009, MS just don't hype it's products as much as some other companies seem to do, usually failing in the end. No need to mention examples, we all know them.

SonyOwnsNextYear3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )


whats my name?

AAACE53599d ago

If MS doesn't have games I want to play in 2009, it will just push me to get a Ps3 that much sooner! I go with the system that has the games I want to play, and 2009 looks like the year the Ps3 will have a lineup that makes me take the plunge!

prowiew3599d ago

To me, 2009 looks bad for every system. The only games that I know I will buy are resident evil 5, god of war, and maybe killzone 2 and alan wake. The rest, bah

heroicjanitor3599d ago

Microsoft hype more than anyone and ps3 has almost every game the 360 has besides the ones that were on the 360 the first year it came out. 360 has fck all exclusives but they do pay for timed exclusivity rather than make new games with that money. Sony makes games. Microsoft pays so that it comes out on ps3 later

celldomceen13599d ago

are you nuts have you ever heard of gears or halo, hell even fable microsoft hypes the hell outta their big games.

Beast_Master3599d ago

LOL Saint! MS doesn't "hype" their games? Really so Halo 3 and Gears of War where not tauted at E3, GDC, put on covers of every gaming mag? Dude I want what you are smoking.

I know you are not a smart fella, so I don't think you will be able to answer this question. If MS has 6 to 7 studios, if you count Ensemble which is closing after Halo Wars, and it takes 2-3 years to make a game how the hell are they gonna compete? Lionhead just released Fable 2 so nothing from them in 09'. We already know what Bungie is doing for 09, Rare may give you 2 games. All you have left is Turn 10 with another Forza game. Wingnut obviously will not have Halo chron. ready. We know Remedy is working on Alan Wake. SO WHERE ARE THE SURPRISES? WHAT MS SUDDENLY HAS HIDDEN STUDIOS THAT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT? No real HALO AND NO GEARS makes 09 a down year for MS..

navyguy213599d ago

Same thing is said about Microsoft every year, but it is well known that they rarely announce games more than a year before they come out. We were saying this at the end of 2007 yet the had a good year in 2008, not better than PS3, but obviously enough to compete. So why dont we stop speculating until next year is here.........or at least until E3 2009

Beast_Master3599d ago

You should have expected Halo 3 bc it was rumored for years, and Gears 2 we know was being developed, Halo 3 Recon has been annouced by Bungie, and Epic will not have another Gears ready till 2010. I laid out all of MS studios and still you have no answer for WHO? WHO is developing these giant bombs that MS will be dropping in 2009? I mean come on Sony has KZ2, GoW3, Infamous, GT5 and Uncharted 2, to start with not to mention R&C, Heavy Rain, Wardevil and others. Just tell me a lineup that MS could concevably put forth to compete with that?

Ghoul3599d ago

"MS don't need to HYPE their games to death like other companies... "

oh the irony

the only company i can spot in the nextgen that:

-bash the competition
-overhype everything they have
-nickle and dime you for everything

is microsoft

Gun_Senshi3599d ago

Sony Saint is a known troll.

He had 1 bubble and been gone for like 2 months. Guess he used his other accounts to feed this account bubbles to get back to trolling

kevoncox3599d ago

Every year we hear the same thing. MS ha sno game sready for this year. Then the year starts and MS drop games while games for the ps3 geat delayed and delayed then move. Just face it, MS doesn't use E3 to tlak about games for next year, it focuses on the game scomng out that year. So that is when you will see them. The first months of the year are dead zones. When MS drops it's list it will go toe to to with the ps3's list. Most people will continue to get their games on the 360 so developer will continue to make games for the 360. This is going on 360's 4th year and the ps3 still hasn't surpassed it. Men lie, women lie...numbers dont.

Anon19743599d ago

MS doesn't hype their games as much? I seem to recall going into a 7-11 last year to get my Master Cheif Sandwhich, Tall Mountain Dew Halo Big Gulp and package of Covenant smokes, all the while the clerks yelled "HALLLOOOO!" over and over. I've never seen a company hype something so much. By contrast, where the hell is Sony's advertising? Do they have an advertising department?

As a 360 owner, I have to say - what the hell was so good about 2008? I bought 2 games for 2008, Gears 2 and Fable 2 (actually the only 2 games exclusives I felt worth it since Halo 3). That's it. There wasn't a single other exclusive title that interested me in the slightest, when 2007 I was loading up shopping carts with great 360 exclusives. As for 2009, Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell aren't necessarily exclusive, Spinter Cell stopped being interesting 2 games ago and that leaves Alan Wake - which I can't wait for but is it even coming out in 2009? Forza 3. Is that how many Forza's are out or how many disks its coming on?

Thank god I've got my PS3 to tide me over until MS kicks it into gear again. Now that my warranty's gone, hopefully my 4th 360 console hangs in there because I certainly don't feel like I've got my money's worth yet.

xwabbit3599d ago

Lol what world are u living it dood ? M$ is a commercial whore when it comes to games. They even did a lot of commercials of the crappy game viva pinata loL, thats how desperate they are.

littletad3599d ago

Microsoft did quite well this year despite the many "year of ps3" phrases.

At any rate, Microsoft has a habit of not revealing games till it's E3 or so. I'm sure there will be some more surprises in the coming months. Let's not forget Rare either.

BLuKhaos3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The X-box crowd has that Soulja Boy exclusive game next year so I don't think they're worrying about exclusives.

Anon19743599d ago

...if it had Fonzie jumping a shark.

Ghoul3599d ago

Well your straight lying to yourself.

Gears of war - i knew that game over 2 years before it was released.
Gears of war 2 - hype hype hype, nuff said.
Halo 3 - immense hype machine and hyped years ahead
Fable 2 - the old molynoux you cant be mad at him its his nature but it was hyped to death years in advance.
Bioshock - likewise (isnt even exclusive)

i know you are pointing at killzone 2, but seriously thats childish.
In the end everyone of them is the same ms, nintendo and sony alike

prowiew3599d ago

People seems to forget that microsoft doesnt need their studios doing their games. Gears, Halo, too human, alan wake, lips etc., are games that are developed by third parties companies. Microsoft probably have paid some third party to do an exclusive game for them on 2009. I can only imagine that. Its a wait and see situation

jaysquared3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Motostorm 2/Resistance 2/LBP = KZ2/Uncharted 2/gt5 and any other ps3 exclusive in 2009..

we've all heard this before from Sony fans. The 360 has no games in 2008, Gears 2 has nothing against R2, LBP owns any 360 games, Sony will own 2008.. Now we are hearing again for 2009! You Sony fans are seriously pathetic! Seriously why don't you guys just wait for your games(which i'm pretty sure by now you are use to)and wait after 2009 and see what goes on there!

Also I know that "exclusives" are nice but there are still a lot of great Multi Plat games that people would be able to buy on the cheaper 360 Slim!

cmrbe3599d ago

like this year. MS will release do the same as they did this year and put all their marketing dollars in 2 or 3 games.

Beast_Master3599d ago

360 fans cannot even imagine a lineup that could compete with Sony in 09. Not even an utterance of a decent game. "Wait till June." That is the best you can do? Come on please tell me Ninja Blade will compete with GOW3 or Halo 3 Recon will be the answer for Uncharted 2. Something!! You can't because that you know that won't be remotely true.

littletad3599d ago

Wait till June? So you think that's the best people are coming up with? I'll give you Killzone 2 and God of War 2. Those games are, or rather should be quality titles. But then you mention Ratchet and Clank, which hasn't been announced. Wardevils, Heavy Rain, and Infamous? Now I know these are just exclusives, but the way you implied it is that these games are somehow going to be "awesome" while Microsoft has "giant bombs". Come on now, that's quite arrogant. If I'm not mistaken it is Microsoft that has had the better luck with completely new franchises than compared to Sony this generation so far. And comparing Halo ODST to Uncharted 2 is just silly.

Hoggy19833599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

1) Xbox has a mass of great games to tide owners over for the start of the year.
2) Judging by the holiday season console sales the 2009 lineup is not of concern to the average consumer at present.
3) Microsoft has already delivered a massive catalogue of great games and I'm sure itll have more in 2009. I've already been given value for money up to now
4) If Sony deliver on its promised games then i'll buy a Playstation 3- happy days either way!
5) Do PS3 fans need to be so desperate to try and laud their 2009 lineup anyway?

poopface13598d ago

more wishfull thinking from some desperate people who really dont want their console to be last.

Sure gears 2 was hyped, but it wasnt announced till 2008. Microsoft doesnt talk much about their games years in advance, nor do they delay them as much as sony. so of course you dont know as much about microsofts lineup next year.

I like how we can try an say sonys starting to have more exclusives, like exclusives are always perfect games, pffft. LOOK AT METACRITIC, SEE HOW MANY GAMES ABOVE 90% THE PS3 AND 360 HAVE. NO MATTER WHAT SONY DOES AND MICROSOFT DOESNT DO NEXT YEAR, THAT ISNT GOING TO CHANGE DRASTICALLY.

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Bon Scott3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

another stupid anti 360 article.

Just because MS doesn't blow their wad 3-4 years in advance announcing crap like some retarded companies(Sony),doesn't mean they aren't hiding exclusives up their sleeves.

Alan Wake is one of the only games I think they did this with as far as I know.

But Sony on the other hand,does it with most of their exclusives LOL.
Tsk tsk tsk.

A shabby trick really,
and all to keep their gullible fanbase drinking the Tang.

I respect MS for not abusing this marketing tactic like other desperate companies.

InMyOpinion3599d ago

Unlike Sony, Microsoft are saving their surprises.

Why o why3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

but this year was slim pickings for the 360 if you're honest. People were saying this at the start of this year too and they were kinda right. Lack of 1st/2nd party studios can do this. I mean why do you think MS pay for timed and dlc honestly??

xaviertooth3599d ago

microsoft surprises...

lets see...

halo DLC
halo Wars

oopps, that's it! hahahaha! it's no longer a surprise!

BLUR1113599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

and yes microsoft is not desperate like sony they havent spoiled there lineup MS just have them waiting for the time for them to release, they don't spit it out like sony to sell systems I mean why else would you do that than to rush people to buy your console.

and also sony fanboys are desperate to say Xbox 360 does not have any exlusives when 2009 is not even here. and do they really think 360 being in the lead that they will not have people come to them I mean look at square...look at what they did

Why o why3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

just list every single 360 exclusive fp and xbl game excluding the xbox originals arcade. You guys have selective memories man.

@ BLUR111

sony fanboys didnt write this article

PopEmUp3599d ago

must know that Sony haven't reveal all of it games yet, there always a surprise

btw if 360 have duke nukem I might think again re-purchase the 360 again just for that game

Why o why3599d ago

its just not worth it init;)

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Cajun Chicken3599d ago

They just haven't announced them yet.

SlappingOysters3599d ago

That is what the article is saying I guess: time to announce them now.

Certainly giving Sony a good start.

Would love some new IP

Cajun Chicken3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I will continue to be angry with MS if I don't see continuation of the following franchises;

Crimson Skies
EDF 2017

and Tron 2.0 Killer App, Unreal Championship, Serious Sam 2 and Oddworld: Strangers Wraith not listed as Xbox Originals.

I personally expect announcements in next Feb and one of those to be Crackdown 2. No stupid exclusive DLC deals, because its starting to show that NOBODY cares about them as much as exclusive games.

New IP would be welcome as long as it just isn't labeled 'hardcore'.

EDIT: Pushing it here, but free online gaming for XBLA I have actually purchased with a Silver Membership. Is that seriously asking too much?

BIGBOSS083599d ago

true but how often do they announce a game that comes out in the same year?

edhe3599d ago

Most of the time, actually.

Their opinion in the last two years is to not show much that's not coming 'soon' enough for people to get excited about.

We should know much more in the new year.

creeping judas3599d ago

Crimson Skies on the 360 would be so frigging awesome!!! The original was so good.

gogators3599d ago

under liscense by Smith and Tinker. Weisman formed the company after FASA was shut down. He doesn't seem to be doing anything with Crimson Skies, or Mechwarrior and Shadowrun for that matter. Very sad.

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timmyrulz3599d ago

Yawn, i'm sure i read the exact same article this time last year.

caladbolg7773599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

And MS released only two noteworthy exclusives this year, so what are you implying about this year?

IMO, I think Microsoft was expecting to be clobbering Sony a whole lot harder after the price cut; which might have made the strength of their 2009 line-up not-quite-as relevant.

On another note, Bioshock 2? Has that been 360 confirmed? I heard rumors it was going to be a PS3 timed exclusive. Again, only rumors.

edhe3599d ago

Clobbered like 3:1 sales on black friday weekend?
Clobbered like european sales?

Bioshock will be a timed exclusive to the 360, if anything. But it will be multiplatform, and will look and perform better on the 360 - again - since it's probably on the Unreal Engine again.

solsub3599d ago

NDP figures aren't up yet, but it has been assumed that the 360 outsold the PS3 on Black Friday by a margin on 2 to 1. Again, its just an assumption; nothing is official yet.

As for the European thing, each side claims to be one-upping the other. Nothing is really clear on that front.

What is clear is that the PS3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide until the price drop hit. The results of the latter haven't been that dramatic either.

In a direct reply to you I say this: although the 360 has done reasonably well this year, so has the PS3. There has been no "clobbering" going on at all.

Next year should be a good year for everybody.

vlazed3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Why is Alan Wake so hyped? Is there some footage I haven't seen? I have seen some screen shots and the PC trailer, but I don't understand how anyone can make judgment off of just that. If there is some proof I would like to know what it is.

Cajun Chicken3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Its developed by Remedy, the same guys as the Max Payne games.
That alone makes it worthwhile to have on ANYONES radar no matter what console or platform you have of choice.

vasilisk3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

and Haze was developed by the same guys that gave us Goldeneye and Timesplitters and we all know how this turned out.
My point is, until we finally see something about this game there's no reason to get excited over nothing. All we've seen so far is 4-5 screenshots running on PC and a very very vague description on what's it about. And let's face it Max Payne is the only game they developed and nothing more (I'm not counting Death Rally back in 1996 for DOS). The second Max Payne, which wasn't that great imo, was released six years ago. And for those six years all they have to show are those 4-5 screenshots...

vlazed3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Granted, But from the amount of hype I was just wondering if there was some game play footage or something I missed. Also, I think, in this generation, you can't necessarily make assumptions like you used to be able to based on a developers previous works. For example, Square Enix, Free Radical, and Rare. Also others have improved like EA and Sega.

Cajun Chicken3599d ago

I tried to forget about Haze, true what you said there, but its probably the only 'materialising' 360 exclusive I have on my radar.

The fact its about a writer basically encountering his own creations in reality is great, very Stephen King; I also like the fact Remedy have done another name gag; A.Wake.

I still personally say, either way; its one to look out for.

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