Squid Game 3D: Survival game based on the Netflix show “Squid Game” released

Turkish developer company Click Game Studio has released a new title, Squid Game 3D, where the players have to make it out of the game alive.

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ZeekQuattro602d ago

How long before one off the jumpsuit goons from the show makes it to Fortnite?

Inverno601d ago

Next month for sure, plus a limited game mode

Godmars290601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

They aren't there already? Everything else is!

EazyC601d ago

Is this show actually good? This show has be
so shoved down my throat I feel like I'm giving into the machine at this point

mudakoshaka601d ago

Thinking the exact same thing! But then I thought, it is a Korean production and they have done some really great productions. Parasite being the most obvious one, but so many others as well (Watch The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil, really cool flick!). So I think I will give Squid Game a chance soon.

Kurt Russell601d ago

I am 3 episodes in. I think it's good. Similar vibe to Alice in Borderlands (less far fetched)... typical of Korean cinematography and directing, which in my opinion is more enjoyable than anything from Hollywood. 1st episode I was "okaaaay" 2nd episode I was "sold to the man who should be in bed by now".

darthv72601d ago

It gets better... episodes 5 & 6 are the best ones yet

Kurt Russell600d ago

5 episodes in now Darth... stayed up past my bedtime again. Worth it.

WiiU-Dude601d ago

I liked it, but I'm a KDrama fan. Lol. Some cool stuff. Especially the historical themed dramas. My favorites.

mudakoshaka601d ago

Well, Halloween is definitely ruined this year!

EmperorDalek601d ago

It'd be interesting to get a proper fully fledged game based off the show, not this throwaway mobile rubbish. It could have potential to be an M rated Fall Guys.