White House opposes FCC's free Internet plan

The Bush administration opposes a Federal Communications Commission plan for free, nationwide wireless Internet access, according to a report Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal.

The FCC has been considering auctioning 25 megahertz of spectrum in the 2155MHz to 2180MHz band. As part of the rules for using the spectrum, the FCC plans to require license holders to offer some free wireless broadband service.

The FCC sees the idea, which is based on a proposal submitted to the FCC by M2Z Networks in 2006, as a way to provide broadband Internet service to millions of Americans who either can't afford or don't want to pay for high-speed Internet access.

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Lord Anubis3600d ago

Doesn't this just boils your blood?

PoSTedUP3600d ago

i dont care just as long as i get to keep my 15251 kbps internet speed then im ok with it. seriously, my **** is FAST yo.

hotdawg3600d ago

administration that messed up the world with nonsense weapons of mass destruction and a hands off I didn't do it approach to everything when it goes horribly wrong. Didn't bush stop working about 8 years ago ten minutes after he took office?

littletad3600d ago

Yes, why in fact just this morning I happened to drop my cup of coffee. Surely the Bush administration had something to do with this little ploy. I'll keep you posted should I find anything.

hotdawg3600d ago

have something to do with it when you weren't looking. Sneaky bastards!! I wan't more good bush administration

Armyless3600d ago

This is a "give me" generation if there ever was one.

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pwnsause3600d ago

Just wait till Bush is gone.

Shadow Man3600d ago

Obama's new economic plan is the deployment of what politicians are calling Next-Generation Broadband. With this plan, Obama wants to bring broadband to every community in America. Overall, this should eventually bring the costs of broadband internet down across the nation.

tuneraider3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

...when you're already collecting taxes on ISPs hand over fist? Seriously, this administration should've been ousted a long time ago. Establishing some baseline wi-fi service availability AT THE VERY LEAST (i.e. emergency/911, directory assistance, navigation, etc.) would be on par, IMO, to the advent of radio and cable TV and would help clear the path needed to make broadband internet access a basic domestic utility. By impeding the FCC, the Bush Administration is AGAIN showing its extreme shortsightedness; we simply cannot see this man gone soon enough.

darkgandhi3600d ago

so true. The basic level service should be free and if you want faster speed you should pay for it. Im surprised that wireless internet access is not already a free service.

Armyless3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

someone has to pay for it. And guess what? Do you have a steady job and stay out of trouble? That's coming out of YOUR wallet!

LethalToxins3600d ago

Wow, Bush denied something that would be a nice luxury to have in the US? There's a shock...

Soren the Cat3600d ago

I think it's because poor people would benefit more than rich people from it.

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