Eurogamer: The King of Fighters: The Orochi Saga Review

Eurogamer writes: "The King of Fighters series was once staple fare for hardcore 2D fighter fanatics. During the mid to late nineties, Capcom's CPS-2 arcade board was far more popular in the arcades than SNK's own Neo Geo MVS board. Anyone who could afford the Neo Geo AES home console, let alone the GBP 100+ price tag of each new game, had to have a real passion and a high disposable income. But for all those gamers who looked for choices beyond the sublime Street Fighter Alpha and Marvel vs. Capcom series, The King of Fighters games offered something familiar - with a fresh twist all their own.

SNK Playmore has already released the King of Fighters: 2000 & 2001, 2002, 2003, XI, Neowave and both Maximum Impacts in the UK. With The King of Fighters: The Orochi Saga, the publisher seems determined to port the bulk of its long running King of Fighters series to the humble PS2."

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