Dying Light 2 Delay Explained;Dev Says Every Skill Will Be a Game-Changer, the Hook Is More Physical

Techland Lead Designer Tymon Smektala explained the reasons behind the Dying Light 2 delay. He also shared some new info on the game's mechanics.

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ZeekQuattro52d ago

Really enjoyed the first one. It had everything I liked from Dead Island minus the game breaking bugs. I also like the parkour traversal system. I look forward to what the sequel will bring.

brewin52d ago

The way they supported DL1 post release, I am confident in a Day 1 purchase of this game! Looks great can't wait!

Snakeeater2552d ago

They need to show what they really added or polish. For now, it’s just talk no gameplay

TheHan51d ago

Already pre-ordered it, just waiting on its release.