Will Sony Ready the PS4 for Super Hi-Vision?

PS4talk writes:

Super Hi-Vision is a technology that was first introduced in 2003. It has various names such as UHDTV (ultra high definition television) and makes 1080p (Full HD) look small. SHV runs at a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels which is the equivalent of 16 1080p screens stitched together.

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TrevorPhillips3599d ago

imagine god of war 4 on ps4 with more then 1080p it will look crazy

Nathan Drake3599d ago

Now imagine the price tag of such technology

Wenis3599d ago

They know just as much as we do about the PS4: NOTHING. All of it is just stupid speculation that even the dullest tool in the shed can think of.

Danja3599d ago

The PS3 just turned 2 yrs old..and already ppl are discussing the PS4..

we barely have games running at lets just wait till we fully get there then discuss ..other possibilities

PimpDaddy3599d ago

The PS3 and 360 are barely capable of running games at 1080P native resolution. The amount of CPU/GPU/RAM to do 1080P justice is a generation away.

How the hell do these websites come up with this garbage?

coolfool3599d ago

Although it's nice speculate but to go through all the emergent technologies and just ask "will the ps4 support this?" "or this?" "or what about this?" just seems a little pointless.

On the article though, I don't think this technology is practical for home use.

Capt CHAOS3599d ago

But on a more serious note..


If you can watch a film and it looks great on SD, HD etc., how about letting consoles get to a point where they can render some serios games, at 60fps, with 100's of online characters etc.. I'd much rather have that than a few more pixels and a juddery frame rate on my console.

SuperM3599d ago

I think they will settle with Quad HD :)

I dont think the PS4 will come out in a long time, so im sure there will be some significant improvements when it finally does arrive

phosphor1123599d ago

Yes, I would cream the day I can play a game with almost no visible pixels BUT that day is not near. So STFU >=O. PS4 wont be out for another 6 years minimum. Mark my words.

SL1M DADDY3599d ago

The next PS console would run 1080p naitively all the time and run all games at 60fps. Rather than tossing all hope to false ideas, let's focus on more realistic goals that could possibly be the mark of the next console generation.

Megatron083599d ago

"- Yeah, but you'd have to re-mortgage your house to buy the PS4.."

sounds like a sony system to me

SaiyanFury3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Games running in 4320p? Considering that the highest end PCs have some troubles running the most demanding games in 1920x1200 resolution with 4x antialising, I seriously doubt that any next-gen system will display at that ridiculous resolution. People are still long to adopt 1080p HDTVs so I don't think that 4320p will be around for a long long time. Considering how powerful of a system you'd need to run games in that insane resolution, I seriously doubt that the PS4 would go beyond 1080p. It takes a lot to process a game in native 1080p as it is nowadays and even the PS3 has troubles with many in true 720p. Something 4 times the resolution of 1080p? That would put the price of the PS4 out of reach of practically everyone who's not the president of a big corporation. It won't happen. 1080p is the industry standard and I think the new consoles will concentrate on displaying at the targeted resolution in every game.

Doppy3599d ago

It depends on the early adoption rate. If I don't think the PS4 is coming out until 2014, and since this isn't launching until 2015 I don't think it would be included in the PS4 at launch it may be implemented much later in the consoles life cycle like the 360 did with HDMI if it can be done that easily.

Or maybe a future firmware could add some type of SHV playback.

k2d3599d ago

Higher resolution = Waste of money.

Make do with 1080p, and give the developers more horsepower!

wallace10003599d ago

Well said Nathan Drake. Also, imagine the size of screen that you would need to take advantage of a resolution that high.

jammy_703599d ago

they shudnt rush the ps4,i think theres a good 4-5 years left in the ps3

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Matix3599d ago

Why would Sony prepare to make a console compatible with TV's that haven't even been made yet? What a terrible mistake. They did the same thing with PSP's. The made it compatible with UMD's thinking that by the time it was released the UMD would be compatible with multiple electronics, but they turned out to be just as useless as bricks without a PSP

Lord Anubis3599d ago

that's what people said about 1080p. tvs

masterofpwnage3599d ago

i will be pissed at sony if they released ps4 in 2010.

work on the ps3 first

TrevorPhillips3599d ago

im sure that the Sony OLEd supports that much with input

thewho3599d ago

Can you stop posting this stupid site?
It's horrible. They have no idea what they're talking about and it just creates horrible visions and expectations for people who don't understand anything.