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The Atari VCS is a system that does a lot of things pretty well, but nothing great. A focused retro system from the pioneering company, especially with their connection to Antsteam Arcade, may have made this the premier retro console, but its need to be something more may have hurt it.

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TheColbertinator58d ago

Should give it a whirl sometime.

Popsicle58d ago

Always wanted to play Frogger in 4K.🙄

YourMommySpoils58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Whose idea was it to even review this?

lnfiniteLoop58d ago

all those Atari 2600 pixels must be the size of breeze blocks in 4K...

Phoenixryu57d ago

As a huge Atari fan way back in the day I jumped at the chance to back this consol. I got mine back in 2020 and well it's been collecting dust since 2020. It's not a bad device but it offers little that my PS4, Switch, and smart TV doesn't. I paid $200 and was looking to turn this into a steam box like device to play my steam games on but to do so would have cost me another $100+ in upgrades. If you have to get it try and find one for cheap also stay FAR away from the controllers; they are cheap garbage! My PS4 controllers work just fine with it.