New World Players Are Abusing An Auto-Ban System To Win Clan Wars

Select players found ways to win wars without ever swinging a sword, and this is very much not an intended mechanic. Because it turns out if a player gets enough reports within a small period of time, he will get auto-banned. With no exception, without warning, and without any human input. Do this to major players on the opposite side on the day of war and you just got rights to some land for free.

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Nakiro52d ago

This is why we can't have nice things.

NotoriousWhiz52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Everyone who participated in autobanning someone unfairly should be autobanned.

ecchiless52d ago

PCMR, right? xDDDD
Lmao..... gonna stay with warframe, gi, pgr for my pc gaming needs right now.
Waiting for ToF, Project Mimir and Blue protocol, btw fk amazon for delaying lost ark cause of this fking game.

berkough52d ago

I've never really understood the appeal of MMOs. The 90 hours I've dumped into ESO was because of the story conten. It annoys me when I see other players running around.