Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy Definitive Edition Price May Have Leaked

According to popular electronic store, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition will cost £59.99 or $59.99 for the previous-generation consoles and £69.99 or $69.99 for the current-generation consoles.

-Hermit-962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

What a ripoff. Why the extra £10 for the next gen version? These games companies are just taking the piss at this point. It's just a shame so many people don't seem to care enough.

Spyro and Crash games got full remakes and they only cost £35 on release.

littletad961d ago

I got all the ps2 classics versions on the ps4 and there's a perfect playthrough on youtube for each one too if I just want to watch. I'm good. No reason to double-dip honestly.

SinisterMister961d ago

There's no doubt that GTA: San Andreas is flat-out iconic, but you have to factor in that the title released 17 years ago and many move on. It's 2021 - toss something new our way please!

littletad961d ago


I get it. But you have to understand these are remastered. Other than a few tweaks, the games will most likely play the same. If these were remakes, from the ground up, I'd have it pre-ordered. At this point, I'd just rather they announce a new title in the series by now.

PrinceAli961d ago

I dont know if i agree with your statement of "Other than a few tweaks, the games will most likely play the same" because the simple truth is we dont know the extent of the remaster... The games have not aged AT ALL well and are actually bad controlling games by todays standards same with the mechanics themselves... Theres no wayyy they can release the games especially with the amount of effort they're going to to promote this package that its simply a res enhancement and stuff so UNTIL we know for certain how far they've taken this remaster then you cant really judge ESPECIALLY if this is the pricing

SinisterMister961d ago

Agreed. I mean, it just doesn't make sense... Give us GTA 6, Rockstar - that's what everyone wants.

RaidenBlack961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

First of all ... full fat 60 for these 20 year old games with minor enhancements?
And ... 10 bones extra just to brag that its running the same 20 year old game on the latest consoles?
If anybody reeeally wants it at launch (like super adamant or a totally newbie), just get the 59 bucks version and play it via back compat. Shouldn't make much of a difference for these "remasters".
Remember, these are coming to mobile devices too.

DarXyde961d ago

Let's be careful what we wish for.

Do you really want Rockstar, as they are today, developing a new GTA title?

I'd say that's like wanting Konami to make a next gen Castlevania or canonical Metal Gear Solid title: there's an appetite for it ... But none of these games are in great hands if you ask me.

I suspect that is painfully true for Rockstar as well. They're recycling GTA V yet again, released the GTA trilogy on the prior two generations and now once more and on mobile which is a quadruple dip while not offering much improvement.

...I don't know, mate. If they just went quiet for a while and did some soul searching, that might be good for them.

jeromeface961d ago

spoken by someone who obviously has no idea how games are made

annoyedgamer960d ago

Its going to suck, the OG team behind GTA has left to make a new studio.

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Sayai jin961d ago

That's because some company's have already started charging that extra $10. In fact, some gamers defend these increases.

SinisterMister961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

Sorry Rockstar, can't have me paying $70 for games of which I've squeezed the living life out in my childhood.
On a side note, what we really need is GTA 6, which, at this point, is seemingly unheard of.

VenomUK961d ago

If it doesn’t look as good as the best modded versions with raytracing that’s an excessively high price.

I’m still gonna pay it. 😬

SinisterMister961d ago

Suit yourself, man. I don't think many people will share the same thoughts.

Profchaos961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

I'm not going to buy Sam Andreas for a 8th time...I'm not going to buy Sam andreas.for a 8th time....
Next minute ahhh sh** here we go again Rollin heights ballers country worse place in the world..

1nsomniac961d ago

If you’re interested, If you search hard enough you can find gameplay screenshots. Which can be confirmed as genuine due to the officially released character models released recently.

If you can’t be arsed or not interested. My opinion is you’re going to be very disappointed. Although we’re talking about Rockstar unfortunately this is not the same Rockstar we know and love. This “remaster” really is the loosest form of the term.

VenomUK961d ago (Edited 961d ago )

@1nsomniac I found it. You were right!

It looks incredible. Day one for me.

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RaidenBlack961d ago

I would've preferred if they remastered RDR1 and Mafia 3 instead (damn, music license hindrance) .

iplay1up2961d ago

RDR1 got an X1X and a Pro patch. It runs in 4K, on those.

RaidenBlack961d ago

... and 60fps? And PC?

CYALTR961d ago

I think Mafia 3 is 2K, not Rockstar. I know they are related, but I think it is far more likely that we will see a "remastered" version of GTA 4 before we see anything 2K remastered by Rockstar. I think a RDR 1 is pretty likely to come up sometime, probably before we see GTA 6.

RaidenBlack961d ago

Oh shoot ... I meant Max Payne 3.
Dammit, edit button.

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Fntastic961d ago

I bet SA won't even have an official online mode, which the PC version already had in the form of a mod all the way back in 2005.. And was very popular at that.

MadLad961d ago

If they added a multiplayer mode, it would only be to add shark cards there too. Otherwise that would be too much effort for them to be bothered.

TheSaint961d ago

It's not like we're getting the old games in the latest engine.

Might be worth it if we were.