Techland Using Dying Light 2 Delay to "Double Check" Everything, Might Add More Easter Eggs

Techland explains what they'll be using the additional time from the Dying Light 2 delay time, and also hinting at additional Easter Eggs being added.

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swifty156d ago

After that disappointing BS last year that was Cyberpunk 2077, I’m REALLY hoping this game is polished up so well , can’t wait to play it, and hopefully CDPR is watching how a big time anticipated release is supposed to happen,

porkChop55d ago

This game has seemingly gone through development hell though. I'm hopeful that the game will be great, but I'm not going in with crazy expectations.

isarai55d ago

I doubt it, they had a similar delay with the first game, turned out great. I forget where i read it, but apparently techland has more freedoms to do things like this than many other studios their size. Not a lot of pressure on them comparatively.

Darkborn55d ago

This game is seriously a huge deal for me and I want them to have all the time they need just like elden ring and God of War ragnarok are for me. Please take the time you need.

NeoGamer23255d ago

Yes, not bowing to a release window is way better then bowing to the window and fixing after going live with the game. Hopefully everyone learned that after the CyberPunk release last year.

Personally, I would like games t be first announced one year before release. Then, there isn't a huge over hype factor forcing the game to release even if it is not ready. Then, even if it is delayed it will only be months rather then more years typically.

But, of course nothing is typical since COVID.

KONG2255d ago

this game is not coming out for a long long long long time....