The Controversial WipEout Poster

Featuring historical context and an interview with the designer, we take a look at the controversial WipEout poster that caused uproar in the UK press.

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KONG2255d ago

Amazing poster and one of the best racing franchises in the games industry - Period
No game give you the speed and rush like WipEout and the music is a key component to the game
Must make lots more WipEout's

RedDevils55d ago

I love trance and wipeout has one of the best tracks in it.

dbcoops55d ago

Sony been getting that fake outrage since '94. lol.

Inverno55d ago

mourne for that late 90s and 00s swag. All the cool stuff never known by dumb child me, curses!

PCgamer9855d ago

This is pretty tame actually when compared to other posters in the 90s/00s.

joestrummer7755d ago

remember playing it after a good rave totally off my tits, happy days

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