No, Back 4 Blood isn’t as bad as it sounds for solo players

Solo players can enjoy progression in B4B Just like their counterparts of co op

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Christopher51d ago

Disabling all of that for solo play is saying this isn't a solo game even though they offer the full game playable as such. It's a dumb decision IMHO where they tell people how to enjoy the game.

gamer780450d ago

It does stink if you didn’t have anyone to play with but this has always been a multiplayer focused experience I wouldn’t play it solo anyways. I agree it is a dumb Decision.

Fntastic50d ago

Yeah it's like playing most other co-op games alone. Always better with online play, providing you don't get trolls.

-Foxtrot50d ago

Still sounds pretty shitty

Yeah I’ll pass for now

Darkborn50d ago

I didn't know it was like that, but for me this game is about playing with friends. It's like aliens fireteam elite. No one wants to solo that, but at least in that game if you do, it has a legit story. This game is literally just going from area to area killing zombies. Not so much fun alone with terrible bots.

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