Magic Ball Trophy List

1 Gold
2 Silver
10 Bronze

Based off the classic arcade game "breakout", hit the jump to also see a video of the game.

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Ap3theBad3596d ago

game looks to be promisingly fun,especially co-op with 2 peeps. :)
great amount of trophies as well for a little big title lol.

Cajun Chicken3596d ago

I will only be appealed by this game if it has Six-Axis controls; other than that, I'm sure PSN'll have much better to offer.

I hope this isn't a dark future where PSN suddenly becomes a crapfest of clone/rip-offs of old games made by PopCap and other amazingly lame 'casual game developers' like XBLA has.

Might be alright on my PC for a coffee break game, (theres about 3 of these on PC) not exactly the quality what I expect for a PSN game since past releases.

My Tip; Nurium Games - 'BreakQuest', genius game.