Star Citizen Reveals Upcoming Content at CitizenCon 2951; New Ships, New Pyro System, & Much More

Today Cloud Imperium Games hosted CitizenCon 2951, its annual event dedicated to the latest and greatest features coming to Star Citizen.

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Phoenix7648d ago

2951 🤔
Is that the year that the game will finally release? /s

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Rainbowcookie47d ago

Captain we need more power. Cash is getting low...Captain "Release pyro system ..just something. "Spongbob narrator" 40 million dollas later...

ikarodemon47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The release date is not a problem for me the content is fun but the game do not run anymore in my PC. My I7 with a GTX 1060 cant get more than 10 fps now.

mixelon47d ago

Huh I’d never thought about that much from the perspective of a rolling spec high-end game.. I remember 10Ish years ago a friend upgrading his pc massively in preparation for SC.. Oh boy. 😅

CorndogBurglar47d ago

Haha. I'd love to hear what your friend thinks of it now lol.

45d ago