Spider-Man: Miles Morales director says that Into the Spider-Verse was a huge inspiration

The creators of the Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, film, and comics have come together to discuss the character

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Nakiro55d ago

That Into the Spider-verse skin in the game is amazing, they really nailed the animation style the movie used.

The movie was very influential and brought Miles to everyone's attention, now you see him everywhere so it makes sense they would consult with them.

CobraKai54d ago

That was going the extra Mile for that skin. They didn’t need to add the animation style but did anyway.

bouzebbal54d ago

The movie is super fun it blew me away

LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

We've come a long way from people getting angry about a black Spider-Man. It took a while but almost nobody cares about that anymore.

Into The Spider-verse just did it perfectly, and actually improved Miles as a character and side-characters like his uncle. It was great to finally see a much older Peter as well. Excellent movie.

And the Insomniac Miles Morales is a great interpretation as well that also improves on the source material.

ThatArtGuy54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

It wasn't introducing another Spider-Man that upset me. I like Miles. The problem was how they threw away Peter and treated him like he was trash that had to be done away with which was the problem. Marvel has been treating their legacy characters as dispensable. THAT is what the issue was for me.

How Miles was introduced in the game was great.

LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


You're putting forward a substantive critique so that's fair enough. I'm not grouping you in with people who actually had an issue with a black Spider-Man. It's hard to talk about these things in a nuanced way, I suppose.

We all know there were a lot of "Spider-Man should only be white, make a new character" comments when Miles was originally introduced though, along with much nastier ones (to put it lightly).

Some people are still strongly against the idea of new versions of characters (e.g. different race) even if it's an alternative universe or passing of the moniker storyline.

I think Into The Spider-Verse showed why those storylines can be amazing and keep things fresh while staying true to the spirit of a franchise. It's up there with Spider-Man 2 for me.

VenomUK54d ago

@ThatArtGuy I haven't read what's been happening in the comics so can't comment on that, but in the two games I think Miles Morales' introduction has been great.

He wasn't written as a bratty 'kid' character like the young Kid Flash and Speedy characters who were always antagonistic towards their mentors. Instead he was introduced as a good grounded kid that Peter Parker took to helping. In the first game all you get is a bit of his origin story, the second game is HIS game, its named after him so that's why Peter Parker is not the focus, but never in it is the original Spider-Man belittled it's just that this Spider-Man has his own story. Personally, I like that there's less comic-book quips!

I know there is a wider discussion about making variations of classic characters that are more representative and that some feel Marvel and DC are taking a cynical approach in not creating new characters - and perhaps that's what you're alluding to. But outside of that I think Miles Morale's story is a strong and natural addition to the Spider-Man pantheon, he works well as a character in his own right and that's why many have responded to him. When Tom Holland quits Spider-Man it will be an amazing opportunity to launch a live action Miles Morales movies and if done right could be a refreshing superhero story.

Muigi55d ago

That movie was so good.

Popsicle55d ago

Makes sense. Great movie and we got a great game as a result. Excited for Spider-Man 2 with Miles, Peter, and Venom!

Snakeeater2554d ago

I would love to play has Peter and venom but miles should be a npj

LucasRuinedChildhood54d ago


Having both Peter and Miles means more gameplay variety.

Snakeeater2554d ago

Because it’s do not make the story more interesting to play miles. Plus playing miles feel to much playing Peters Spider-Man. I know I will be called a racist since I liked the Spider-Man miles morales but just as a DLC. All the past in the original Spider-Man felt forced like the MJ parts

Popsicle54d ago

It’s all personal preference, but I felt the Peter and Miles connection was interesting in the OG game and made the story stronger. The Miles game was short, but well done in my opinion. If Peter’s character was completely abandoned I would get, but I feel the 2 play off each other well.

refocusedman54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

if you played spider man Miles morales then I doubt that you would be complaining abt the story because the story was actually pretty good. the gameplay was also improved from the original game and the variety of miles powers led to variety between the 2 characters. btw if you have to add that I'm probably going to be labeled as racist for saying this....... you liked the game but don't want to play as the character in the game that you liked makes absolutely no sense.

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DarthMarvin54d ago

I really hope it has co-op.

spwittbold54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Insomniac<3 Best devs!!!

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