Splitgate Ideas That Were Put on Hold Now Being "Revived," Scope Now 10x Bigger Says Studio Boss

1047 Games Ian Proulx shared his Splitgate plans and ideas after the game's massive cash influx from investors.

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Sciurus_vulgaris58d ago

Look at the Microsoft most played and steam charts, Splitgate has lost a lot of players. The game is fun. However, the weapons are bland. I played Splitgate for about a month or so. Splitgate is so Halo influenced that playing it got more interested MCC and Halo 5. Splitgate in its current state, likely won’t be very competitive with Halo Infinite.

TheRealTedCruz58d ago

And I just noticed below an article stating they acquired 100 million in funding. Going from a grassroots indie project, to now having that much capital, you can achieve.

Will it beat Halo? Highly doubtful. Competitive though? Definitely possible.

Think like CoD vs BF. Two distinctly different games, but obviously but are obviously gunning at each other every release.
If they can build on and improve SG, you may get a lot of the Halo crowd who love the feel of the game, but want to switch things up a bit once in a while. Bouncing between the two.

excaliburps58d ago

It also doesn't need to compete with every big shooter given it's F2P. Like, the market is big enough now that gamers are playing multiple online games at the same time, and can juggle it.

That said, hopefully, 1047 Games doesn't over exert itself and implodes.

Nitrowolf258d ago

Yeah the charts have certainly calmed down since the initial burst. I think there’s room for it tbh, they just have to take care of it

yardank57d ago

I totally agree, game is fun but it probably won’t last. Right now it's nothing more than bland Halo multiplayer with a Portal gun. It could benefit from an identity of it’s own.