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CG writes: Bethesda and Arkane Studios Lyon dive into a new IP with their “Groundhog Day” style game Deathloop which is available now for consoles and PC. The game’s story focuses on amnesia as lead character Colt can’t remember much but is stuck in a time loop where he relives the same day over-and-over. It’s a first person stealth-action game but is it any good, and is the looping nature a novel idea or a gimmick?

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CaptainHenry91657d ago

I'm still don't understand how this game got a 10 when it should have been an 8.

Teflon0257d ago

I'm thinking it's because the reviewers went in with low expectations like the public did. It caught people off guard making them rate higher than they should have.

Atleast that's my logic behind it. As the people who see the ratings before we play or hear it's good. We'd have more grounded In reality reviews. But I think this is a rare case of this. In the future this game probably won't be thought of as much, I'd think personally

generic-user-name57d ago

Interesting title considering if we ever see more Deathloop it almost certainly won't be on the console it's currently exclusive to. Of course I'm sure the author knew what they were doing.