Brilliance In Your Hands - Switch OLED Hardware Review Last Word on Gaming

After 24 hours in our hands we have now had time to put the new Switch through paces. Here are our thoughts in our Switch OLED hardware review

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TheRealTedCruz49d ago

If and when the Switch Pro/2 come out, it better have an OLED day one. Not pull another attempt at a double dip like they did here.

MK24ever49d ago

It's Nintendo, they don't just double dip, they dip till there's no sauce left.

Spenok49d ago

It annoys me how the games "journalists" are slobbering over this overpriced "upgrade". Sure, the screen is better, but that alone isn't worth spending MORE than we did when the system first launched. No better hardware specs (outside of the screen) is a huge blunder imo.

It's too bad these people aren't required to disclose when they're paid by those who do so to get good press. Or at least disclose the games/systems they get are free.

LWOGaming47d ago

I can answer a couple of your questions. The Switch OLED reviewed was purchased with my money. And no body has paid anything for the review of the product so on both counts you are incorrect and also in danger of slander so I would suggest when commenting you .are careful with what you say. Opinions are fine, false accusations are not.
If you read the article you will find that I very clearly state that the screen alone is not worth the upgrade - if you play mainly in handheld mode then I feel it is worth it because the size and quality of the screen makes a large majority of games look much crisper. I certainly noticed the difference when I went back to my original Switch. However, if you play on docked mode there is no reason to upgrade at all.
This is however my opinion and the video games industry is about opinions which means I respect anyone who disagrees with my view - that’s what the industry is all about but it has to be done with respect.
False accusations are never acceptable.

Spenok47d ago

LOL! I never made any accusations. I said I wish "journalists" were required to disclose IF they are paid or given stuff for free.


As for your opinion, you are correct in that it is yours, and you are entitled to it. And that others are entitled to disagree. Of which I do. BTW, those crisper visuals? Yeah, due to the screen.

Therefore by your own words the system isn't worth it.