Kevin Pereira Calls Out Adam Sessler over Game of the Year Choice

Kevin Pereira, co-host of G4's Attack of the Show, apparently did not agree with the X-Play choice of Fable 2 as the Game of the Year, citing LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3, and Left 4 Dead as better choices. At the end of this evening's show, in fact, Pereira called out Adam Sessler specifically and demanded he defend his choice and said X-Play's choice was "a terrible, terrible mistake". Video follows.

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Twizlex3603d ago

Come on, Fable 2 was a great game but I don't think it's Game of the Year.

Cookigaki3603d ago

Cookigaki agrees. Ninja Gaiden 2 should be game of the year, lol!

Megaton3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Wasn't even the best game on the 360 this year, let alone across all platforms.

Pretty strong fail you've built for yourselves there, G4.

3603d ago
Milk is for Babies3603d ago

Does Adam Sessler own X-Play or something? Or maybe based on his Soapbox videos they just don't want to piss him off. Seems that whole show is just his opinion on everything.

Twizlex3603d ago

What are you even talking about?

PikkonX3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

As Thanatos stated, Fable 2's ending and the build up to it, pretty much disqualifies it from GOTY for me. I don't think the characters were too memorable either. The only person I can remember right off hand is Hammer and I've already forgotten the main villain's name. Great game, but still pretty disappointing when i think of what Project Ego would have been.


Edit: What Thanatos is describing, is exactly how my game ended too. The hero that uses guns shoots the villain because he was talking too much and the game ends.

Cookigaki3603d ago

Dammit! Thanks for ruining the ending, Thanatos. Cookigaki thought Thanatos was saying random crap but now... Cookigaki does not approve!

Sarcasm3603d ago



oh lord that's hilarious!!! I just looked like an insane person laughing by myself at this cube.

Anyway, it's all most likely set up. They work for the same network.

buy a ps33603d ago

i played a couple hours of this game at a friends house is Hammer a lesbian she likes killing she is mega stronge and shes tall as sh!t

lokiroo4203603d ago

The only thing that Sessler is going to bring is a big bag of that "white b1tch" and a distorted view on everything.

littletad3603d ago

Two shows, one network, and two males practically co-workers. You really think there's beef over their choices?

S1CKLY3603d ago

ugh! But Fable 2 was so bad! How about the lack of any interesting story and most importantly.. THE FINAL F**KING BOSS FIGHT?!?! COME ON.

Fable 2 is far from GOTY.. Hell.. I'll even say Left 4 Dead is a better choice and Left 4 Dead is far from GOTY too. X-Play.. after being loyal to you for so long, you have finally failed me in a way from which I will never recover. GTFO.. and I'm keeping your CDs.

badz1493603d ago

there is no way Fable II is GoTY! if it's hard enough for them to admit MGS4 as GoTY, they can even put GTAIV instead and many would have agreed based on the hype alone but seriously, Fable II?? that's an NO!, NO! & NO!

cherrypie3603d ago

Oh, you the SDF -- you're so *CUTE*.

kevin is **KIDDING** here. Get it? he's Pretending to be **YOU**.

And, you guys think he's serious!

If *any* of you *every* played Fable 2, you'd know why it is XPlay's Game of the Year.

It's not the only award it will recieve... time for you people to get some goddmaned perspective.

You can start by playing some of the industry's best games: ONLY on Xbox 360.

Jessica Alba3603d ago

Littlebigplanet is so much funner.

Jdoki3603d ago

The Mods needs to crack down on this site, and anyone found giving away game endings needs a ban or thrown to the Open Zone.

Ruining the ending for people is NOT acceptible.

That's Fable 2 and Resistance 2 I've seen spoiled by this site, luckily I missed the spoiler for Gears 2.

On topic... Fable 2 is one of my favourite games of 2008 and I'm currently on my second play through, but no way is it GoTY.

Pebz3603d ago

Yes, that is about as offensive as it gets on a gamer site and definitely ban-worthy.

The fanboys doing this need to understand that they are not only potentially ruining the game for the evil opposing fanboys, but actually for anyone who happen to own several consoles, or anyone else who simply has nothing to do with your silly little "war"... but I guess those people are traitors and/or cowards?

JD_Shadow3603d ago

So somehow every single one of these people agreeing that F2 should've not been GOTY is a SDF member, eh?

DAMN, that group must be turning into some small third-world country with how many people are being crammed into this group by the MS fanboys.

ultimolu3603d ago

I agree.

It looks like fun but LBP or MGS4 should have been contenders. Or even Fallout 3.

SL1M DADDY3603d ago

Shows me that MS wanted to release a game that could hold up against Sony's line up this holiday season and they had Lionhead rush it to go gold without even giving the ending any thought. It just felt rushed. Had they given them a few more months and added an epic ending, the game would be worth GOTY but as it stands, it is a good game, not great. There are many other Xbox and Sony games that are far more worthy of GOTY.

Bnet3433603d ago

Look, I'm not going against his word, but Keven Pereira is a giant douche and a phucking tool. I can't stand him on AotS and his air-headed co-host Olivia "I look like Tera Patrick" Munn.

ionize3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Weren't you the one who was caught looking at a shemaile/transvestite website? I'm afraid you can't be taken seriously after owning yourself like that.

JsonHenry3603d ago

Lol, so if no one is allowed to have their opinion and crown their own GoTY - then who gets to name GoTY?

prowiew3603d ago

I know for the majority of gamers, fable 2 was a bad choice. To me this is definitely my game of the year. It was the only game I played all days until I finish it. Something about fable grabs me.

MiloGarret3603d ago

Everyone does that when posting screenshots, it's meant as a joke. I laughed my ass of the first 100 times, but now I kind of expect it.

Aaaaanyway, stop crying people, honestly, does it matter? Ffs, get a life.

Anon19743603d ago

That's not how if ended for me, and quite frankly that would have really pissed me off. In my ending I just had to hit him once, he fell off the thing and that was it. Unless I hit him just as the other guy shot and I didn't notice. Either way I said "That was a fun game I'll never play again," and promptly traded it in.

Pennywise3603d ago

LOL @ MILO - Yeah I always like to make my peers on a gaming website think I am into trannys for a chuckle. It really boosts popularity.

LONEWOLF2313603d ago

I think Fallout 3 should of gotten that title.

Violater3603d ago

Kevin is just playing fanboys for fools.
Just a thought

pixelsword3602d ago

I'm supposed to value his judgment?

Bnet3433602d ago

Like Milo Garret said, I don't really look at that stuff, it's a very old NeoGAF joke.

house3602d ago

they dont seem fake they dont seem like if the acting all the time they just like to have fun while i do like xplay attack of the show is better in my veiw cause there not fake

FrankenLife3602d ago

Now, isn't he an excitable little fellow.

LeonSKennedy4Life3602d ago

Actually, that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 deal was a doorbuster. If you bought a 360, you got RSV2 for free with it.

That's what it meant.

Kassanova073602d ago

I know it's an opinion but Fable 2?? Come on!

ThanatosDMC3602d ago

Yeah, i cant believe i got spammed for actually playing the game and being disappointed by the ending. I shrug.

The Matrix3602d ago

WTF? Seriously. I thought this was a serious thread but kevin pereira was just messing around. HE WAS JUST JOKING PEOPLE. All they do in attack of the show is joke around anyways. Calm down.

dagger573313602d ago

ya, i enjoyed fable 2 for sure, but once i beat it which took no time at all, i didn't really feel inclined to go back and play it much.

it's just not the gripping kind of game that generally wins game of the year. i don't think goty should be decided based on mass appeal but rather something that truly bends genres and presents something fresh, or at least the best there is to the gaming industry.

NewZealander3602d ago

well out of all the games ive played this year i would have to say i liked fable 2 the best, actually its the best game ive played in a verry long time, it comes down to the gamers, and what they enjoy to play.

i didnt like fallout 3 at all, even though it got good reviews, and as for left for dead, correct me if im wrong but isnt that game online only? if so i really dont think it diserves GOTY.

as for LBP, ive never actually played the game, only watched my friend playing it, from a spectator point ov view i thought it looked over rated, weather or not it diserves GOTY i dont my oppinion probably not.

MGS is probably a better contender then left for dead LBP or fallout 3, my only problem with that game though is there isnt anywhere enough interaction, cinamatic experience of the year maybe...still diserves a shot at GOTY though.

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Milk is for Babies3603d ago

Wow! I really liked Fable 2 but I agree that it wasn't game of the year.

Milk is for Babies3603d ago

Hehe, we must have been typing at the same time. Great minds think alike and all that.

Cookigaki3603d ago

If Twizlex and Milkbabies had great minds they would agree with Cookigaki and say Ninja Gaiden wins. Otherwise, Cookigaki does not approve!

VampHuntD3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

As if the Halo 3 rant wasn't enough, this is a solid confirmation that Sessler is in the pocket of MS. Fable 2? Sure great game (not my cup of tea, but for those that enjoy it and I can see why it's impressive).

Bigger news, a rift in the G4 staff!!! GASP! Will there be a Mortal Kombat Style battle for dominance?

I'd be waiting for the defense on a Sessler Soapbox Rant.

LeonSKennedy4Life3602d ago

Dude, I love your posts.

However, Ninja Gaiden 2 lacked a few things:

- Storyline (Like Devil May Cry)
- Intricate Combo System (Like Devil May Cry)
- Innovative new mechanics (Like Devil May Cry)
- Good camera (Like Devil May Cry)

Basically, Devil May Cry is a much better game...

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Twizlex3603d ago

Yeah, everybody seems to think that except for Adam Sessler and his love affair for Fable 2. I mean, come on! There were too many great games released this year to give Fable 2 the GOTY prize. It was good, but there were better games.

ChampIDC3603d ago

Well, everyone likes different things, and I guess Fable 2 just had everything Adam loves. It's just his opinion after all. I personally enjoy Fable slightly more than Fallout.

Nathan Drake3603d ago

2 games that are without a doubt better than Fable 2.

Twizlex3603d ago

User reported as lame. Xbox graphics? Come on, dude. You would be more effective in your fanboy arguments if you didn't make such retarded statements like this.

fuzon3603d ago

Fable2 has 88.5 at meta

and L4D has 89% at meta

AAAs are MGS4,LBP and GEARS 2

MGS4 - 9.4 at meta , 10/10 from IGN and 10/10 from Gamespot, Gamesradar

LBP = 9.5 at meta , 9.5 at IGN

Gears 2 has 9.3 at meta , 9.5 at IGN

R2 also has 9.5 from IGN and 9 from GS

Wenis3603d ago

Reviewers don't determine the GOTY, gamers do.

Bon Scott3603d ago

Cry me a river Sony twatts........................ .........still crying,

PoSTedUP3603d ago

fusion stop with your nonsense, reviews have nothing to do with AAA OK. fable2 is AAA, PEROID. resistance2 is AAA, gears2 is AAA etc.

GOTY nominees go to: mgs4, LBP, gears2, fallout3. nothing else should be nominated for goty imo.

S1CKLY3602d ago

@everyone saying only the sony fanboys are crying, screw you.. I own only a 360 and unfortunately a copy of Fable 2.. It was one of the most disappointing games I've ever bought. So go bring your console war somewhere else where you might have a chance at a valid argument.

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