Fallout 3 Review From OXCGN: The most loved post-apocalyptic war game out.

Our favourite post apocalyptic game returns, but with a new brand developer making it:

"War, war never changes… had Bethesda not picked up the Fallout IP, chances are the much loved post apocalyptic war games would never have changed and remained unfinished at its most brilliant, that being Fallout 2.

Fallout 3 takes place 30 years after Fallout 2 and has changed substantially in both the way that the game is played and also in the setting. The nuclear war that tarnished the world began when the earth finally ran out of vital resources, with America, China and Russia all becoming involved in trying to secure the depleting resources of the world which lay in Alaska."

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gaminoz5162d ago

Looks like Bethesda has done it again!! The problem is that their games are so involving I need a big block of time to devote to them!

darkmurder5162d ago

Yes, coming from Oblivion I wasn't sure how they would handle themselves, but they appear to have done a grand job.

Acj23235162d ago

Good review, its such a great game from what i have played and read about it, it should be sure hit for GOTY

darkmurder5162d ago

No pun intended but it looks like its been "Pipped" abit so far, considering it won Xplay's RPG of the year but then Fable 2 won game of the year is a little confusing?

Superfragilistic5162d ago (Edited 5162d ago )

Err well Banjo: Nuts & Bolts got 9.5, Gears 2 a 9.8 and wait for it...
MGS4 a 9.9! lol

From an Xbox site no less.


True, but I think Fable is more a mix of genres than a straight RPG. It's like RPG, Action, Adventure, Simulator, MMO and the Sims all rolled into one. It doesn't all work, but you can't fault its ambition. ;)

Godem5162d ago

I thought the game was crap for the first 10 hours, but after that I thought it ended up quite good!

the ending is awesome

darkmurder5162d ago

Much like Oblivion, it seems pretty shallow from the start, but once you start digging you find a game that has irreputibale amounts of depth and an enigmatic story.

RocknRolla5162d ago

Yeah i have been told that Fallout 3 requires you to have a serious amount of time put aside for it to actually enjoy the game..

Personally for me i played it until i got out of Vault 101 and about 15 minute of wandering around and heading off to Megaton couldn't take it any more..

I think it just isn't my type of RPG?

darkmurder5162d ago

Its a pretty advanced RPG, but you gotta give these game's some time and lovin and soon you'll fall into the world that they offer.

Godem5162d ago

well... its only advance if you don't compare them to JRPG's.. some of them want you you to dedicate hours into the pause menu! lol (and i love them haha)

-Did anyone think the VATS system got annoying after a while? I felt that I relied on it too much.

XboxOZ3605162d ago

That is the trouble these days. Many gamers simply don't have the paitence or attention span to "get into" a game. They require instant action, gratification, and results. When a game requires you to spend time at it, to work towards achievements within the game world, they generally dismiss the game as being 'boring', too repeative (simply because you do have to do things as you would in RL) and not very action packed (yet they are if you approach them in the right fashion.

SO developers pump out mindless sequel time and time again, gamers complain that developers are pumping them out, but they buy them in huge numbers anyway. But then developers put out games that require attention, and effort and innovation, and the gamers (in general) complain that the games are too involved, long-winded (yet they complain if a game is not 10 hours orlonger in the firstplace)

We've created a gaming environment where developers can neither win, or lose, which is seeing many simply drop great games in favour of - you guessed it, mindless Movie tie-ins and sequels time after time.

WHile Mirror's Edge is a great game if you approach it how it was designed, not as if it's a FPS, will most likely NOT get the follow-up iteration and faces being dropped by EA. Another new, fresh, innovative game down the toilet because no gamers are willing to even try to give it a fresh new try.

When there is nothing left but sequel after sequel, lousy movie tie-ins and utter mind numbing FPS's left, we'll really have no one to blame but ourselves, as the developers respond to market pressure . .

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