Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves first screenshots

Here are the first screenshots of Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves for the PlayStation 3 after the link. enjoy.

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ThatCanadianGuy3603d ago

Game looks gorgeous.Seriously Can't wait..

Between WKC,Heavy rain and this..i'll be in heaven!

PS3 FTW3603d ago

I'm already in heaven... my Head exploded after seeing those screens!

Danja3603d ago

looks amazing , animations , textures and lighting seems to be improved over the 1st game...

looking great , and they have 1 year to polish this game the graphics might improve even more..^.^

morganfell3603d ago

Best gun/hand to hand combat in a game now looks even better. Everything the current gen Bond games should have been and were not. I can't wait to see what Drake will accidentally through no fault of his own get himself into next.

On that note, what does it say when the last gen platform has the best version of the game? Best Quantum of Solace? PS2 version.

hazeblaze3603d ago

Wow, I have to take back my comments... I didn't think the game looked any better than the first one. But those shots do look really good. The first one looked great as is, but the environments look even better this time around. Think Drake's character model has a little bit more detail too.

Rikitatsu3603d ago

How can you know if the animations were improved ? There isn't a gameplay trailer yet.

jwatt3603d ago

Same with me Haze I didn't think it was going to ook better but it does.

Jessica Alba3603d ago

The silver pistol looks really enticing.

Danja3603d ago

just go look at the teaser trailer...and you can see that the animations has been improved

nix3603d ago

and yeah... he might be visiting Nepal (my country) or Tibet. Welcome to Nepal, Mr. Drake!

Namaste! q:

rockleex3603d ago

reminds me of MGS3...

Btw, the graphics are amazing. I still think Uncharted 1 looks better than most games these days, even better than Gears 2.

Just wait till part 2 comes out... or God of War or Killzone 2.

acedoh3603d ago

The shots are scanned out of a magazine. I hope they have something better in the next few weeks. This may be the game I am most looking forward to. Uncharted was one of the very few games I could play for several hours straight.

Cenobia3603d ago

I was gonna say that gun was from the first game, but then I realized you were going for sexual innuendo. Bravo, mission complete. lol.

Also, "in your endo!"

morganfell3603d ago

Well Rika the teaser trailer was in real time...

phosphor1123602d ago

Why are they so small???? Get me something that will fill up my 1080 pictures are small..looks like scans to be honest.

Is it just me though?

doomx563602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

The game looks drop dead gorgeous, but the ground needs a little work

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Athlon3603d ago

Nice!!! Wish the pics were bigger.

badz1493603d ago

Drake's next adventure is alredy in my must buy list! the 1st one is amazing and I'm totally in for the 2nd! the graphics, the gameplay and story of the 1st one really got me hooked, I finished it 5 times! I can't wait for this! when is the release date again?

StalkingSilence3603d ago

i finally bought Uncharted a couple days ago to see what all the buzz is about. i'm on board now. game's great.

micro_invader3603d ago

Agreed, this is already in my must have list for 08. It's gonna be great! :D

Mozilla893602d ago

How are you getting the game in 08? Let me know so I can get it too!


You know whats awesome, anyone who has played the first one knows its going to be way better than the first one, even though the first one was spectacular

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remanutd553603d ago

very nice , is that Drake on the third screenshot? i hope NG come up with some sort of collector's edition , i'd gladly buy it

poopsack3603d ago

yes there has been an unannounced name change to NaughtyGods, since they kick so much ass.

Freakwave0033603d ago

Naughty Dog. Though, those same initials also can stand for Nathan Drake. Don't know if that's coincidence or if that's how Naughty Dog made it, but it's pretty cool.

remanutd553603d ago

i see some of you got the joke lol, but seriously “ND” have to be one of the best developers on playstation platform , but still they fall a little bit short compared to SMS and you gonna find out why i said that on sunday

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CaptainHowdy3603d ago

oooooo i feel like playing it only up to 70% trophies, gtg

ShAkKa3602d ago

i just need to completed on crushing mode.