Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 Graphics Card Is Insane: Two GTX 260s Bolted Together

Tired of ATI ruling the uberidiculous end of the graphics card space, Nvidia is apparently striking back with its own super-stacked GTX295-it's basically two GTX 200 GPUs hot-glued together.

Expected to be unveiled at CES, the GTX 295 (nee GTX260 GX2) actually is made up of two print-circuit boards, and each one has a GTX 200 GPU, 240 stream processors, 448-bit memory bus and 896MB DDR3 memory. It's totally outrageous, in other words, and requires 289W of power, so I hope you've got a behemoth of a power supply.

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Software_Lover3600d ago

The amount of power needed for this thing to run. You figure that they would be more energy conscience.

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TheIneffableBob3600d ago

Well, when you're spending north of $500, power is the least of your concerns. If you want power efficient, go with a $100-200 card.

FantasyStar3600d ago

True that, when it comes to POWAH! Power consumption is only a small roadbump between you and gaming in true 1920x1080. (doesn't really matter between i and p since we're not discussing consoles)

Bolts3600d ago

Ridiculous comment. Thats like saying the M1 tank doesn't get enough MPGs. The real concern here is the heat. If the 4870 X2 is hot as hell, I can't even imagine what this config will be like, regardless this card is a hack job. Its a not a serious solution to ATI's performance tangent.

slinkey1233600d ago

it wont use that much power. A single 4870 uses more watts than a GTX280. So the 4870x2 will still use more watts than this card.

JsonHenry3599d ago

I did not buy a 750 watt power supply to conserve energy! lol n00b!

Might pick this up in the spring of next year. My 8800GTX is still going strong, but I REALLY want a new card for some of the game coming out in 2009 so I can play them maxed out on my 52 inch LCD HDTV @ a native 1920*1080 with max settings.

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sirbigam3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

omg they just had a new grapics card

Technology is moving rediculously fast

badz1493600d ago

but people are not moving as fast! the new GPUs are powerfull but what takes for upgrading if a 7950 or 8800 cards can still get you the best out of most of the latest games? is it just for the sake of having the most powerfull and expensive PC around? just look at Quad-core CPUs! it has been a while but there are only a handfull of softwares on the market that fully optimized for it! most of the time, the 2 extra cores are kept idle! so, the same thing will happen with all these ridiculously powerfull GPUs! it will be another year or 2 before any game comes close to squeeze its full potential!

skagrerrrr3600d ago

competition just keeps getting better

INehalemEXI3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I don't have a need for that, is impressive in a way.

xXbebofisherXx3600d ago

thats quite a peice of machinery... ok ill be honest wtf was nvidia thinking??? i thought new millenium meant smaller = sexy?? that concept was thrown out the window when this behemoth was created by the mad scientests over in nvidia. i give em props them and ati r going at each other throats whihc is great, compeition is always nice to have. u get beasts like that becuase of compeition but man get rdy for ur wallet to be broken. i can personally promise u over 700 bucks. i can get 2 single cards and OC them and over power than thing for much cheaper. damn ati and amd colabertaion. but i think nvidia has something very very very secret waiting to be unvieled soon. cant wait

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