California object to recent Activision Blizzard settlement, says will cause "irreparable harm"

Cites "provisions sanctioning the effective destruction and/or tampering of evidence".

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DarXyde56d ago

"Our agreement with the EEOC reflects that commitment to significant improvements and transparency, as well as making immediate compensation available to eligible employees who choose to participate."

This right here. This is offensively slimy. I truly do have a profound loathing for these general statements and perhaps even veiled threats from these corporate c***s. The agreement with EEOC being a 'reflection of their commitment to significant improvements and transparency' is telling, because they have NOT been transparent or shown any commitment. It shows that they got found out and are trying to cover their asses. If this is a reflection of that commitment, it means their commitment goes as far as "teehee, you got us! How much to make things right? A few million?" How about you clear out your entire executive board, including and ESPECIALLY Kottick? They won't do that because they're approaching the issue the way you would if you were a fixing a car: start small and do more of you absolutely need to. And now, the removal of Brack and $18M is supposed to make that right? They're a multi-BILLION (with a bloody "B" for f***'s sake) dollar corporation and because that's more money than most people will ever see in several lifetimes and barely scratches the company, they're looking at this as a serious settlement offer. How insulting is this and how broken is a system that they can be so brazen as to attempt this with straight faces?

The next part of that statement is bloody ominous and should worry you: "[...]making immediate compensation available to eligible employees who choose to participate."

My question is, if the company you work for is an industry leader (if not, THE industry leader) and they have incredible capacity to influence job offers and career prospects, would YOU 'choose to participate'? A serious question.

I really hope the staff who have endured suffering at the hands of this culture from ALL companies get together and really flesh out a list of demands; I would start with executive purging, but this isn't my fight and their priorities may differ.

I love this hobby, but sometimes, I think about it burning to the ground and starting anew with a real culture of inclusion and synergy with a smile on my face.

PapaBop55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Removing Brack was a huge deal. It's obvious they want it all swept under the rug but make no mistake about it, it's got those untouchable suits sweating that's for sure. They'll come out all swinging but ultimately the controversy generated won't be forgotten and the resulting outcome will be a better workplace for everyone. Other companies will be taking notice too and I bet there are a fair few individuals out there more than a little worried.

Sully_III55d ago

It's funny that they thought that continuously leaning into social justice activism over the last several years would blind people to the fact that they're slimy, pervy assholes towards their employees. Not only did they lose fans like me that aren't interested in American coastal city politics, or the the crowd they pandered to, they lost everything. Good luck with sex deviancy lawsuits in the heart of California.

Ever hear the tragedy of Darth Blizzard the Not-So-Wise?

sourOG55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

People are blind. People were cheering the settlement and called me an asshole for laughing at this predictable shit. They don’t need luck, CA is complaining that feds ruined the case.