FIFA 22 PS5 Review – Devolution, Not Revolution - The Koalition

James Kennedy of The Koalition writes: Picture this: you are lying in your bed, fast asleep. Your mobile phone starts going berserk, alerting you to the fact that you are running late for a trial with PSG at the Parc des Princes stadium (which is led by Monaco legend Thierry Henry, bizarrely). On your way to the stadium, you meet freestyle footballer Lisa Zimouche, who you run through the streets of Paris with, tearing through people who are trying to mind their own business as they eat lunch, whilst you knock a football about. Waiters from nearby restaurants join in, as they try to dispossess you of the ball during their shift break.

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rbailey60d ago

Another step backwards for the series.

EvertonFC58d ago

Can I just have a league campaign please, its not much to ask ffs not this 10 divisions play 10 games to get promoted BS

MocBistro58d ago

I have always one ONE mode in all FIFA Games, it's the Season online games. This year it gets ridiculously expensive

smolinsk58d ago

The controls to play defense in this game are horrible with the jokey bullshit.