Elden Ring Is Bandai Namco's and From's Attempt to Get a Bigger Audience

Bandai Namco Europe executive Hervé Hoerdt said Elden Ring is an attempt from both companies to get a bigger audience compared to Dark Souls.

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NecrumOddBoy56d ago

So it’ll be a lot easier? Or at least have more forgiving combat?

Nacho_Z56d ago

Doesn't mention any of that. I think they're referring to it being open world and George R. R. Martin being involved.

I believe Game of Thrones has a few fans.

ChubbyBlade56d ago

The games really aren't that difficult. People really overblow how hard they are.

TheDoomedGuy56d ago

A bunch of journos have controlled the conversation around the difficulty...which is why if you believe them then these games are the hardest in the industry....which isn't the case at all.

EmperorDalek56d ago

They're not the hardest games out there, you'd need to look at some retro games for that, but they're definitely hard games. Some people always say "If you play patiently, observe your surroundings, dodge at the right time, then it's easy" - If you need to play a certain way, that's because it isn't easy in the first place. And even if you they do these things, the average gamer isn't going to simply stroll through Anor Londo and beat O&S first try.

PurpHerbison56d ago

As someone that has played since Demons Souls it is easy to say they aren't difficult. But compared to most games out there they are absolutely difficult and it is easy to see how newcomers get ripped to shreds.

Zeref56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I hope it will be at least a bit easier. I don't enjoy losing over and over again so dark souls wasn't a game for me. I play games for fun not frustration.

If Elden Ring is a bit more forgiving then I might actually try it cuz the setting looks very interesting.

XiNatsuDragnel56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Oh boy that makes me nervous sigh because I like more difficult games like dark souls in my opinion.

Inverno56d ago

Maybe with enough advertising and mentioning who worked on it, but when the game comes out and it turns out to be just as hard as all their other games the usual sites will whine about how hard it is and try to kill the hype

oldenjon56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

With each new release, people are always afraid that FROM games will be easier. It never happens. Challenge is their bread and butter. If anything this game just gives you more options in how you approach challenges which is different than making the game easier.

ecchiless56d ago

so the game comes with easy mode? xD

nitus1056d ago

Simplistic answer, No!

Basically (IMHO) all "From Software" games are made to challenge the player, but unlike some of the retro games they are fair. Sure the first time player is going to get a shock such as the covered lava pit in Kings Field 4 which will kill you instantly within the first two minutes of game play.

Fast forward to the first Boss in Dark Souls 3. Looks easy, "just put out that twisted sword" and?? Well you may survive for a minute until it's back to the last bonfire for you (oops). Even the first Dark Souls does something equivalent such as when you meet the first Boss with nothing more than some pathetic weapons.

Dark Souls 2 did something different in that you could skip the tutorial but "Oh that small knight with arrows sticking out of him looks easy" (hello bonfire). At least if you chose a different path you could avoid the river monster unless you felt suicidal, although "The Pursuer" when you meet it and you will many times is a whole new ball game (hint: unless you feel confident - run).

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