The best games like Diablo

What are the best games like Diablo? With Diablo 4 still a way off, we share some of the best alternatives currently available.

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Terry_B477d ago

Lists Victor Vran but not even Grim Dawn. No wonder this did not get even one approval here in 13 hours.

MadLad476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

Grim Dawn is amazing. A gorgeous game to boot.

This list is a joke.
Ah yes, Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2 always come to mind when I think of Diablo.

Like, just because it has loot, that doesn't mean it's like Diablo. And it's not exactly like Diablo created the mechanic of "loot" to begin with.

What I was hoping to get out of this was maybe a hidden gem I wasn't aware of. What I actually got was a small chuckle about how much of a bad take this article was.

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esherwood476d ago

It’s insane often I get disconnected on Diablo resurrected, I need to give these a shot

Terry_B476d ago

..the most of those don't even have an online mode.

Germaximus476d ago

Marvel Heroes was incredible. Really wish it could be brought back. Warhammer: Chaosbane is pretty good

justadelusion476d ago

Wow, that is quite a low effort article

LordoftheCritics476d ago

I was thinking the same. Reminds of school homework

anast476d ago

Grim Dawn needs to be on this list.

MadLad476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

It and Diablo 2 are easily my favorites.
Might like Grim Dawn most, honestly; but I haven't played the remaster yet so.

The Shadows games are pretty good. The devs are cool guys too. I reviewed the original game way back when they sent me code. They've sent me every release since, even though they know I haven't wrote for a long time.

The only one I'm reluctant to try to this day is Path of Exile. I love these types of games, and consider myself a big fan of more complicated, in-depth games, but that skill tree and the mechanics behind the game's character building is f*****g intimidating.

anast475d ago

Grim Dawn is a solid game all the way around. I can't wait to play the D2 remaster.

Yeah, I get that, but Path is a lot of fun. I am waiting for Path 2. I've kind of played out the existing characters. Resistances are key or at least when I played it.

I'll have to check out the Shadows games. Thanks for the heads up.

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