'Kids should not be spending in FIFA full stop,' says EA

EA are aware of how kids spend and waste money on FIFA ultimate team

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Knightofelemia59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

This is just bullshit EA could careless as long as the cash is rolling them saying this is just a front. That's like Rockstar saying the same thing when it comes to buying Shark Cars kids shouldn't be buying the cards. Or kids shouldn't be playing the game they could give two shakes as long as the cash keeps rolling in.

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isarai59d ago

They say that like we haven't seen their behind closed doors videos and presentations specifically targeting kids and addictive personalities, or "whales" as they put them. "Kids should not be spending in FIFA full stop....but we like it when they do"

Army_of_Darkness58d ago

Translation : EA- we don't want to take money from kids, we just want to take money from their parents and grown adults as well as teenagers. That's all..

RpgSama58d ago

EA: Technically we are not taking money from kids, kids do not have money, they use their parents money to buy stuff from us (most of the time with the parents not even aware of this), SO, technically we are taking money from their parents and we are ok with that.

Ninver58d ago

But we like it when they do lmao

XiNatsuDragnel59d ago

Then EA don't add it nuff said

TheRealTedCruz58d ago

No no no

It's fine. They're not saying they shouldn't use them; just smartly.

... but you can spend $1000 on the game if you want to. Daddy needs a new yacht.

Sciurus_vulgaris59d ago

I know several people whose children have charged MTs on their Visa and Mastercards without consent. I wonder how common this is?

EvertonFC58d ago

My parents Foster children and its happened lots of times. Lloyd's Bank wouldn't refund the £140 on fifa packs and my parents said didn't you think to flag it as suspicious considering I'm a 74 year old lol.
Sony refunded the money though but kids will play the dumb card with parents with the old "I thought it was free excuse"

NotoriousWhiz58d ago

My password is required for all purchases on Android, iOS, PSN, Xbox, Nintendo eshop, and Steam.

How are these kids charging money without parental consent?

Sciurus_vulgaris58d ago

The parents don’t manage the online accounts the kids do. The parents only paid for the online subscriptions.

Profchaos58d ago

Passwords are easily stored on pretty much all browsers most parents are not wise to beat practices when it comes to password management and they leave those settings default and have poor password hygiene reusing passwords and not having MFA turned on

DarXyde58d ago

Unfortunately, kids are well aware of how to do things with online accounts, better than their parents, actually.

There are mechanisms in place, but parents need to be informed. This is not a pass for EA, they're dangling the incentive in front of kids. But since EA is not going to be accountable and no one is going to stop this due to B̶r̶i̶b̶e̶r̶y̶ political lobbying and contributions, parents and banks need to step up. I have no children, but for every transaction on my account, I receive a notification on my phone for the amount withdrawn and the purpose of the purchase. Literally within seconds. I would also say that people should create virtual cards with strict limits... But that doesn't get at the heart of the issue that EA seems to be ignoring: kids are *gambling*. It's like Juul telling you they don't want kids to vape and come out with flavors like Fruity Tooty Banana Blitz or whatever they make.

C'mon, man.

NotoriousWhiz58d ago

And why do the kids have the parents credit card numbers to make the charges?

Sciurus_vulgaris58d ago

Easy, the kids took their parents credit cards without permission. They then saved the credit card info onto the console and began purchasing MTs.

NotoriousWhiz58d ago

Ah, blaming EA because children stole from their parents. Do we also blame McDonald's for the obesity rate?

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Fntastic59d ago

Kekw. This is all down to the parents, just like finding little kids in extremely toxic and inappropriate adult multiplayer games.

Maybe now that their credit cards are being hit they will take action, some really dumb parents out there.

EvertonFC58d ago

Kids are cleverer than you think, I've put parental locks on, allocated certain time of play time in settings etc and they find a way.

NotoriousWhiz58d ago

I don't think we can blame EA if kids are stealing their parent's credit card.

My kids have never found a way around the parental controls I've set. But as a software engineer, I also know what I'm doing.

Profchaos58d ago

They really are I think it's easy to say it's the parents fault but fact is kids are smarter than you give them credit for.

Profchaos58d ago

I think that parents are getting smarter as newer generation's that have grown up with internet and computers are having kids.

I'm a parent and I cringe pretty hard when I get online late at night and hear a kid swearing up a storm in GTA online or insert other popular game my first thought is always there's something going on in that kids home he's acting out online for attention cussing out strangers on the microphone while you hear the parents in the background just ignoring them then I just feel sad for the kid to be honest because they are growing up believing that talking to people like that. It's those kids who are also loving their life online and stealing credit card details because they don't know what's right and wrong in many ways some of them are so screwed up.

I wonder how it's changed over the years but I think this type of behaviour has always existed were just now in a more connected world where it's more in our faces. 20 years ago there was no real console gaming you had to own a PC to game online.

TheDoomedGuy57d ago

There was also no MTXs like there are today so yeah....not really an issue.

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