You're Right, There Really Are More Games Than Ever

The PlayStation and Xbox catalogues are up by more than 60 percent this year

Mat Piscatella of the NPD Group, an analytics firm, shared a chart on Twitter detailing just how many more games have come out in 2021 compared to 2020. Over a year-to-date period—January 1 to October 7—the Nintendo Switch catalogue jumped by 34 percent, up from 1,152 releases to 1,543. PlayStation and Xbox, meanwhile, saw even greater leaps: 66 percent (704 to 1,171) and 61 percent (551 to 889), respectively.

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Godmars290535d ago

How much of that are remakes?

CrimsonWing69535d ago (Edited 535d ago )

Lol, exactly. Take the PS1 to PS2 era and tell me there’s the same amount of games. I remember back in the day when you were a fan of any genre there were a plethora of games to choose from. Tons of Survival Horror, JRPGs, Shmups, Third Person Shooters, etc. I mean those genres still exist now but it’s slim pickin’ for most.

And yea, love playing the same game I played last gen or a year ago with these Remasters. I think there’s a place for Remasters but at least wait a couple generations before you do one of those. At the very least you can really see the improvements that way.

asapas8534d ago

Ok, exclude the remakes/remasters and count again.