PETA Is Urging Ubisoft To Replace Cockfighting Game in Far Cry 6

PETA has called for Ubisoft to edit Far Cry 6 days after its release, due to the cockfighting minigame.

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robtion50d ago

I'm all for protecting animals from cruelty but this just makes PETA look stupid. It's a game. They should focus on protecting animals in the real world. You know, the ones that are actually alive.

SyntheticForm50d ago

Oh, I agree, but I would say it depends greatly on the animal.

Big cats for example and endangered species I'm all for protecting. These are video game chickens though and I'm not moved; in fact I'm laughing at the absurdity of it all.

This is just senseless alarmism.

Bobertt50d ago

PETA kills more animals than they save.

himdeel50d ago

If they do, they should also replace the bullets in all the guns with Skittles. And the blood with rainbows.

babadivad50d ago

Peta kills more animals than any shelter. They don't try to rehome pets, they just kill them. They have even been caught stealing pets from peoples yards to euthanize them. The fucking nerve of these people.

anubusgold50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Peta puts more animals to sleep than anyone else they should shut up. Thats a fact they like to hide because they cant find homes for them all.

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fr0sty50d ago

I pose this question... if such a thing is permissible in a game because it's "just a game", at what point do we draw the line as to what isn't? Is rape permissible? is harming children in any way imaginable (physically, mentally, sexually, etc) permissible as long as it is done virtually? I'm against most forms of censorship myself, but I can't help but question exactly where we draw the line here, and who gets to draw that line.

frostypants50d ago

Not sure, but that line is a helluva long way from this. People are freaking out over chickens...CHICKENS...dying in a game where human beings are killing each other all over the place.

TheDoomedGuy50d ago

Right cuz chicken cruelty is what makes you question where that line is....not say...shooting people, stabbing, punching and all other violent action in games.

Chicken violence is a big no no of course.
Let chickens fight for their rights and better representation.

SeTTriP50d ago

The answer to your questions should be obvious ummm its not real, I just eat a plate of chicken no more then 30mins ago, and these people must be joking.

Go into a film or book forum and ask the same question . they've been indulging for quite awhile.

yardank50d ago

Check out the ESRB if you want to know how game content is rated.

Rebel_Scum50d ago

lol I was thinking the same thing when there was a similar article posted a few days ago. A lot of people here commented about how it aint real so whats the problem.

Whats stopping people from making kiddy grooming games or rape sims as mentioned above?


A game based solely on those topics would be bad taste. But a game with cock fighting in a latin influenced pretend country and society can make sense in context given cock fighting exists in latin countries legally or not that is influencing this game.

Problem is Peta is really one eyed when it comes to animals.

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1Victor50d ago

Ladies and gentlemen get your cock fighting jokes ready this is going to be a long story. 🤦🏿

sourOG51d ago

Don’t be French Ubi. No one cares what PETA says.

sourOG51d ago

No offense to France our oldest ally. I think it’s f**led up Biden left y’all out of that deal.

Kerppamaister50d ago

Negotiations are back on, didn't you hear?

GamingManiac50d ago

Nah, fuck the French, Cocky bastards should be speaking German right now.

sourOG50d ago

No I didn’t hear.

Lol even the French went to go get their people in Afghanistan. What does that say about us.

Christopher50d ago

I think diesel submarines are the dumbest thing.

sourOG50d ago

I know a US nuclear sub just had a collision in the South China Sea in the last few days. Seemed serious with damage and injuries. It sounded expensive lol. Diesel sounds like quantity thing but I’m not caught up on details.

What I read it seemed symbolic but that just makes it worse. He forgot France in the collaboration and they had to reopen it lmao. No ill will, he’s just old and didn’t realize.

NatsuXTheMaxspeed2150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

bro stfu you sound so ignorant .

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NatsuXTheMaxspeed2150d ago

ubisoft is mostly french tho... theyll cave in.

sourOG50d ago

You got the joke… very high chance of caving.

Relientk7751d ago

I was waiting to hear what PETA said about this lol

gerbintosh50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

PETA: Please stop the display of killing electronic animals!

Also PETA: Ignores the display of killing electronic people

medman51d ago

If I want to fight with my cock, that is my right. Get your hands off my cock, PETA.

TheDoomedGuy50d ago

I'll fight for your cocks rights!

Rhythmattic50d ago

Worry when it becomes hands on.

VivaChe51d ago

I don’t usually side with PETA but cockfighting is sick and it shouldn’t be promoted or condoned. I think it should be taken out of the game.

Popsicle51d ago

Then you should likewise be against any game that depicts violence against anybody or anything. Just because because something is depicted does not mean it is condoned.

Master of Unlocking50d ago

It's different though. Just because we humans are like that, naturally inclined towards violence, doesn't mean animals should suffer for it. They've paid way too damn high a price in history, during wars etc.for the evil that men do, that wasn't their doing at all. No dog or horse or bird or cat ever came up with the idea to invent the Gatling gun, land mines or the nuclear or hydrogen bombs.

PS-Gamer-198650d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Master of unlockling

That's a very naive viewpoint.

What animals suffer from this game?
If you are implying people will play the game and suddenly start cockfighting, you would have to be worried that killing ingame would translate to harming people irl.

And many innocent people (who did not invent or use landmines, gatling guns etc, hurt nobody at all) died a violent death in the past and still do every single day, so depicting killing npc somehow condone the killing of these people?

Violence is not only human nature, it IS NATURE period. Nature has been violent and gruesome for hundred millions of years and will remain to be long after humans are gone. Chimpanzees literally go to war, gnus get eaten alive by wild dogs - butt first!, male dolphins gang [email protected]€ females.......... It is gross but ii it "normal".

i totally respect choosing one side -accepting the depiction of fake violence against any fake being or not accepting the depiction of fake violence against anything AT ALL. But anything in between is foolish

goldwyncq51d ago

But shooting people is okay huh?

VivaChe51d ago

If you’re fighting human NPCs it’s assumed they’re willing combatants. When they’re not (ie. the airport shooting scene in Modern Warfare) then no that’s not ok either. The difference is whether in the game you’re killing a willing participant, ie. a “bad guy.” So there’s a difference (at least in my opinion).

Popsicle51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

@VivaChe I suppose that rules out playing games depicting those unwillingly drafted to fight in the multiples of wars that have occurred throughout the history. Also rules out games depicting enslaved gladiators during the Roman Empire whom were made to fight. etc., etc., etc.

Again depicting anything violent does not mean it is being condoned. If you want to take a stand against actual cockfighting I will stand with you. However, we are talking about virtual chickens.

MetalProxy50d ago

It’s absolutely ok to shoot people in certain situations

oldenjon50d ago

yeah of course, fuck people. not even being ironic

PS-Gamer-198650d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Why are you still here, able to write comments with that viewpoint? I mean i guess you are human...............or not? Or is it "every other human but me" or " every human I don't like" ? Where do you draw the line?

RedDevils50d ago

@VivaChe go play with your fuckung rainbow.

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RaiderNation51d ago

But all of the gruesome human on human violence is ok?

Its not being "promoted." Like it or not, cockfighting happens and in certain cultures its perfectly accepted and legal. Just because its presented in a game doesnt mean UBI Soft condones or promotes it. Not everything that's simply presented as environmental storytelling is meant as a way of saying "hey we support this".

Atom66650d ago

I get what you're saying...but they're the geniuses who made a mini game out of it. Not sure they can play the whole "we don't promote this" card. "Environmental storytelling" this is not, lol.

Well, they could say those things if they weren't Ubi. They don't have the balls to just say that "this is a game...we use violence and controversy to sell this particular title...we're here to get your $$..."

Master of Unlocking50d ago

The thing is, it's not "simply presented as environmental storytelling" as you put it, since the developers allow you to actively participate in it...

PS-Gamer-198650d ago


Some People nowadays need disclaimers and trigger warnings. Seems they aren't able to use common sense smh.

medman50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Hey.....what I do with my cock is my business.

ecchiless50d ago

just be sure to clean later.... xD

TheDoomedGuy50d ago

And clean up all the blood...

Realms50d ago

Cock fighting is where you draw the line? Yeah let's disregard the murderous vigilante justice that the main character undertakes. I swear do some of you even think it through before posting about irrational emotional outrage that makes zero logic.

Aloymetal50d ago

@VivaChe.....Che was an assassin and scum but you're not ok with cock fighting....Ok

Christopher50d ago

Not in this world. If you play the Chicharron amigo quest you'll see that, in this world, chickens make their own decisions.

Germaximus50d ago

You're not alone. The majority are sheep zombies.

Rachel_Alucard50d ago

If all it takes to condone something, is it existing in the game as it would in the local culture. Then there's a laundry list of things you have to go down too instead of just singling out chickens. What about the fact you can literally buy whale meat in Japan and whaling is still a culturally accepted thing? What about the fact there is no protection for Animals in mainland China whatsoever? They have this dish in China called Ying Yang fish that involves deep frying fish while it is still alive. Absolutely no word from anyone until it's present in their video game.

ScootaKuH50d ago

But it makes sense in the context of the game. I'd also rather see something I know is fake than the real thing.

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