Here’s Why the Kingdom Hearts Series Didn’t Get a Native Nintendo Switch Port

The Kingdom Hearts series is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch, but not in the way that many had hoped.

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Ristul50d ago

Non physical version made this an instant pass for me.

Lexreborn250d ago

In other words, it wasn’t planned. Would cost a lot of money and time to complete. By the time it would be ready to ship the switch may very well be surpassed by a greater version with a pro or a completely new hardware.

Business wise cloud version was smart. Not sure how many people are going to pay for a cloud game though.

wwinterj50d ago

What? It's doesn't take long to port over a game that's already made. The story so far collection could be ported to the switch very easy. Kingdom Hearts 3 on the other hand does need the cloud but that's because the Switch can't run it.

littletad50d ago

@winter dude, the article literally explains how long it would take to port it physically, along with resource constraints. So lex's comment is pretty spot on, given that he read the article.

Lexreborn249d ago

@littletad I wasn’t going to say anything lol

wwinterj44d ago

@littletad. I read the article and it seems like BS. They just took the easy and half arsed way out.

Inverno50d ago

Cause Square likes to half ass everything they do. I'll wait for the inevitable reverse engineering of the code which will allow modders to port the games to everything cause you can't expect a company with billions to do a better job these days