Marvel's Avengers Adds Paid Boosters Despite Promise From Devs

Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix has added paid boosters to Marvel's Avengers, despite developers stating that only cosmetics will be paid.

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RaidenBlack60d ago

Square Enix : Wow! Increase in player count? Lets celebrate:
* Proceeds to shoot itself in the foot *

Nakiro60d ago

Increased player count is only relevant if they are getting money from those players.

gamer780460d ago

Well it’s pve game and it’s free on gamespass, but yah they probably shouldn’t have said no paid boosters before so now it looks like they don’t keep their promises which is really the bad look not the actual paid boosters themselves

pr33k3360d ago

this tbh. if they didnt say all that mtx being cosmetics only before the game's release no one would care as much if they added paid boosters now.

Half13yte60d ago

I'm only in it for the character/story updates. I can't wait to play as Spider-Man in 2028!

Snookies1260d ago

Wait, Spider-Man still isn't in it yet??

Mr Logic60d ago

Nope. Not even a date as far as I'm aware.

Nitrowolf259d ago

i think he's out sometimes this fall

Fonsecap59d ago

Last time I saw Spider man he was "far from home". 😉

Silly Mammo59d ago

It's going to be awesome. Swinging through jungles and other vast wilderness areas. /s

Bobertt59d ago

Just go play Spiderman it's better.

Popsicle60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

At this point they are just trying to at the very least break even on this game. Never should have been GaaS to begin with, but at this point I cannot blame them for trying to mitigate their losses. Going GaaS was such a missed opportunity on what could have been a great game.

For me personally I installed it via Gampass on my SX last weekend, and decided after the opening mission that it is not worth the 125GB of storage. The gameplay just feels mediocre IMHO.

Sieg60d ago

All you hear about this game is bad press.

excaliburps59d ago

Partly true, There's been good press regarding Wakanda, but all have been forgotten due to this bonehead marketing move.

brewin60d ago

Politicians lie every single day. Do you really expect a multi-billion dollar corporation to not lie and actually keep their word? in case you haven't noticed companies and politicians don't care about people unless they're making them money in some way shape or form. That's where we are as a world right now

TheDoomedGuy59d ago

Don't vote for a politician then.

brewin58d ago

No I'm just pointing out how trivial it is to argue about something like this and be mad at a company because they're trying to make money off their game. They never stated that there would be no microtransactions in this game just that the extra story content wouldn't cost money. Are optional XP boosters and stuff like that as micro transactions not in every other game these days?! The outrage over this is stupid, just more cancel culture BS. move along there's nothing to see here.

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The story is too old to be commented.